Wow, 50+ Beautiful Short Almond Nail Designs, Each One Is Adorable!

Summer is a season of frequent nail replacement. Today, we recommend more than 50 almond short nails, which will surely make you unable to change over the whole summer. Because each one is my carefully selected style, each one is a beautiful manicure shape.

But have you thought about it? Do you know what you need to pay attention to before manicure? Today, I’d like to introduce some common sense to you, so that you can finish every manicure in the future.

About The Health Of Manicure Shop

First of all, it’s also the most important thing to see a manicure shop. First, it’s to see whether its tools are properly disinfected. Generally two kinds are commonly used. The first one is to soak 90% alcohol in a special disinfection tank for disinfection. The second kind will be disinfected by alcohol immersion and then disinfected by disinfecting cabinet or special ultraviolet radiation.

About Manicure Options

Secondly, if you don’t often or randomly choose a shop to do manicure, remember to choose the style and color you want to do in advance. Because generally, if the manicurist recommends it to you, will there be a satisfactory reply for a while and a half. Be prepared in advance, which will save both sides time.

Don’t Cut Nails Short Easily Before Manicure!

It’s better to leave some nails before manicure. It is also convenient for the manicurist to adjust your type of A. Unless you’re going to do an extended manicure, it’s better to keep some.

Understand The Formal Process Of Manicure

  • For fine trimming (removing dead skin, trimming A-type), a thin file of about 100 / 180 (the larger the value, the finer the value) is generally used for trimming A-type, and only a thickness of more than 150 is used to trim the fingertip from left to right, too thick will cause fine cracks on the fingertip, leading to later cleavage.
  • Polish the nail surface, and use a 150 / 220 sponge to polish it. This step is to remove the grease on the nail surface, so that the primer can adhere better, and it will not cause any harm to the nail. I hope you can understand this.
  • Wipe the nail surface with cleaning solution to make the nail surface cleaner.
  • Apply the balance liquid or desiccant to make the nail surface conducive to the adhesion of the primer. Up to now, it’s all preparation before gluing. After that, it starts from primer → color glue → as the case may be, reinforcement → sealing layer.

This is the regular procedure of manicure, which is to let you better understand the regular manicure procedure and make it easy for you to distinguish.