With A Unique Mullet Head Hairstyle, Girls Are Worth Having!

Mullet head is the best popular hairstyle. It was popular in 1970s and 1980s. The hairstyle is short on both sides, short on the top, but long on the back neck, like a mullet, so it is called mullet head. This kind of hairstyle first began to prevail in the entertainment circle. Many male stars had this kind of hairstyle, and then it was out of control and spread rapidly among teenagers.

In the past, the popular hair style of mullet is usually for boys. Now with the development of the times, many girls with personality also have mullet hair. In fact, the neutral mullet hair style is very suitable for girls with cool personality, and different from boys, girls with this hair style, but with a kind of beauty of male and female indistinguishable. So, if you also like mullet hair style, let’s enjoy it with me.

Who Is Suitable For Mullet Haircut?

Mullet head has little requirement on face shape, but people with short neck or fat body should not choose it. I suggest a perm for this style of hair. I’ll make sure you dye it. Because of the fluffy feeling of the permed hair, it is easier to take care of the shape. Hair dyeing can enhance the fashion sense of hairstyle, make hairstyle more personalized and cool.

Dare To Be Yourself, Then Let’S Have Mullet Hair

Although some people say that this kind of hairstyle is a non mainstream hairstyle, but still can not stop stars and teenagers from loving it, so they began to store their hair. Mullet hair is similar to ordinary hair on the front, but from the side and back, it is another style of hair.

Some Characteristics Of The Shape Of Mullet Head

The bangs of this hairstyle can be long or short, but the two sides must be cut short, and the length of the back should be well controlled. Can reach the shoulder, can continue to stay long, this completely depends on personal preferences, no regulations. Of course, you can also choose to dye a damp color, perm a positioning perm, after shampoo, use hair wax to grab out messy feeling, absolutely cool!

This Makes The Mullet Head More Living

Girls with mullet head hair can be matched with a bangs. Or uneven dogs nibbling on the bangs, or flat bangs made by workers, will add a lot of color to this hairstyle. As a girl, all kinds of accessories are necessary, so, just wear all kinds of beautiful earrings and necklaces.

Think about it. Why is mullet head popular again in the 21st century? I think that no matter in which era, young people’s psychology of seeking innovation and change is the same. Everyone is very eager to show themselves, so it makes this seemingly “weird” hairstyle popular again!