Wild Eyebrows Are Popular This Summer. It’ s Super Natural!

Are you still drawing the old willow leaf eyebrows? Fine eyebrows are all drawn by people of my mother’s generation! Now fashionable people are drawing wild eyebrows! Wild eyebrow is a very popular eyebrow type this year. It looks very natural.

As we all know, the makeup of bloggers and stars is very heavy, especially the eye makeup. But recently, everyone has been popular to draw natural wild eyebrows, no matter how many eyebrows are made up, they have a clear root effect.

Super Hot Wild Eyebrow!

In this era of pursuing plain face makeup, wild eyebrows are sought after by many people.

“Wild” Is Not Slovenly

Wild eyebrow emphasizes the natural feeling of plush, of course, it’s not without repair at all. The key to draw wild eyebrow is to draw the feeling of eyebrow with distinct roots. Many European and American stars fall in love with this very natural eyebrow.

Wild eyebrows don’t choose face type at all. Whoever draws such eyebrows can become beautiful. It belongs to a universal eyebrow type. It is mainly because wild eyebrows pursue the true natural sense. Instead of depicting eyebrow type deliberately, they trim and fill according to each person’s eyebrows to make eyebrows more real and natural. This can also be suitable for all kinds of face types.

Drawing Wild Eyebrows Is Also Very Simple:

1. Position Eyebrows

First of all, it is necessary to determine the position of brow peak, brow and brow tail, which is also the thing that must be done before the construction of brow and thrush. The position of brow and brow tail is relatively easy to determine, while the position of brow peak is somewhat difficult to find. Generally speaking, the one with a small corner is brow peak near the hairline.

2. Fill Eyebrow Color

In the position of eyebrow peak, set it as the middle line, draw the eyebrow and eyebrow separately, draw a shorter line in the direction of eyebrow, draw a thicker line in the direction of eyebrow tail, the lighter the color of eyebrow toward eyebrow tail, and finally draw a thinner line in the direction of eyebrow tail.

3. Brush Open Eyebrows With Eyebrow Brush

Use medium brow brush to gently brush at the edge of eyebrow, and comb the eyebrow to make it look relaxed and natural.