Where’s Tattoo Is The Most Unique For Girls? I Think Ears~

In recent years, tattoos with large size and complex design are no longer the choice of many girls. On the contrary, more and more girls will choose those low-key, simple but not lose their personality, cute and exquisite tattoos.

Many girls will choose the regular positions such as ankle and arm, but ear tattoo has become a popular trend in the past two years.

Special Ear Tattoo, But It’s Suitable For Everyone!

Sometimes tattoos are too conspicuous to be seen by other people with different eyes. But there is the same feeling of tattoos and no tattoos in places that other people can’t see,right? It doesn’t matter. Let me introduce ear tattoo to you now.

Mini Ear Tattoo

Ear, is a small area tattoo between the square inch. Compared with other parts of the body, it takes less time and uses less color. It’s the good news for girls who are worried about tattoos for too long, too painful and so on.

Helix Tattoo Is Also Ear Tattoo

The ear tattoo has another name, helix spiral tattoo. Because in the beginning, many people’s ear tattoos were symmetrical spiral patterns, especially on the earrings. Now, people will not only tattoo on the earrings, but also tattoo their favorite patterns on the pinna, back and around the ears.

Small Place, But Not Limited To The Diversity Of Tattoo Patterns

Although the range of ear tattoo is very small, tattooists can always show their best ideas to make your ears look “different”!

Of course, the patterns are all selected according to their own subjective consciousness, but it is recommended not to be too complex. If they are larger, they will also extend to the neck or face.

No Ear Holes is Ok, But There Must Be No Less Tattoos

For many people, the ear is a very secret and artistic part. It has special structure and lines, so just like wearing earrings, the tattoo here can make the ear more elegant and fashionable.