When The Bob Haircut Meets The Texture Perm

Some people say that the biggest feature of Bob is retro, but I think it can also be very fashionable. Especially in the design of these texture perm Bob hair style has been fully proved.

Texture perm can make your bob head become very fluffy and full. If you don’t want to exaggerate the modeling, you can avoid the hair root, start texture perm from the side hair, and roll the hair tail inward to shape the shape of the buckle, so as to better decorate the face. As for what kind of bangs you like, but in summer, it’s cool to have no bangs or to divide them!

Textured Bob Hairstyle With Big Side Parting

The four or six slanted texture hot wave hair style integrates fashion, face repair and other shortcomings in one body, and basically does not pick people, especially suitable for girls with square face and round face. After all, the effect of slanted bangs modifying face shape is a bar drop. Texture perm starts from the middle of the hair, showing natural undulating waves, highlighting the simple and elegant style. How can ladies not get it?

Natural Texture Perm Is a Trend In Recent Years

Some girls don’t like too exaggerated and fluffy perms, so these relatively light texture perms are suitable for you. Its curly radian is natural and not artificial, but it is very rhythmic and dynamic, just fashionable, and used in various occasions. Finally, it’s an absolute beauty repair artifact!

The Hairstyle Will Be More Beautiful After Dyed

The left and right irregular texture hot wave head personality burst, the long bangs with four or six partial points stick to one side of the face and trim the face, the other side to the ear, cool and domineering, most popular with the sisters. In order to be more in, it is imperative to dye the hair, and blue is just the hot hair color this year, not only the trend, but also a certain whitening effect. If you want to challenge, you can try it boldly.

This Hairstyle is Perfect For Young Girls

Classic light brown medium texture perm wave head is both avant-garde and simple, and the hair tail is light and elegant, more fresh and flexible. In order to avoid looking too old-fashioned, you can smooth the bangs on one side and let them fall on the side of your face at will. The bangs on the other side are not behind your ears, but it will be more playful to leave a small bunch of bangs in front of your ears!

Save it And Try it Later!

Girl Bob textured hair style can be a design variety, extreme fashion, as long as you dare to accept the new shape, you can have its beauty!