When Red Stars Are Painting Freckles, Where Is The Beauty?

At one time, freckles were thought to be ugly. Many girls born with freckles would try to hide their freckles. But girls, things are different now. If you are a freckle girl, you will be very popular. Don’t believe it? Look at the freckles make up looks that girls are trying to imitate in the past two years.

The most obvious performance is in the entertainment circle. Many fashion models of stars will draw freckles in order to pursue their unique style. They look cute and at the same time appear fashionable and rebellious. Freckles make-up can create a fashion atmosphere of ghost horse, domineering or cute, or retro elegant.

You Don’T Need To Feel Inferior If You Have Freckles

It’s a genetic disease in itself, and it starts to show up basically at the age of 4-5. Age is increasing, and UV light in the sun will make freckles larger and larger. It is caused by the over activity of melanocytes.

Now the popular freckles makeup really tells you, don’t try your best to cover this small defect with heavy base makeup in order to pursue the public aesthetic. Accept your imperfections to become truly perfect and independent.

How To Draw Lovely Freckles

Freckles are so cute, so how can girls without freckles “draw” freckles? They give the impression of being young / energetic / playful. It needs to be managed by the right people. The bottom makeup is as light as possible and does not require too much concealer.

Freckles do not require extra repair. This year’s trend is more focused on no blush. When blush bottoming, the location of freckles concentrates on the apple muscle position, while blush also crosses the nose bridge. The color of blush is also very particular. Apricot is the best choice.

How To Point Out The Small Freckles Of Natural Simulation

First and foremost, the color of freckles must not be dark!! Must have eyebrow, eye shadow, toothbrush and dyeing spray.

he color of the eyebrow pencil is light, and it is arranged symmetrically on the left and right sides of the face. After dip in the brown eye shadow powder, it can be molded gently on the face. It is combined with the way of the above eyebrow pencil stippling.

The light freckles on the cheek add unique charm instead. Although many people think that freckles on the cheek are not good-looking and white, they can look cute and delicate as long as they are confident and can face up to their own beauty!

Collocation Blush, The Effect Is Better.

Basically, all the places where you want to draw small spots are smeared with blush. If you want to look cool, you can choose a nude make-up or orange blush, dip it in a small amount of brush and then sweep across the cheek edge to the area above your nose, so that you can get the freckles to be laid.

Only Natural Makeup Can Embody The Essence Of Freckle Makeup

When applying the blush, be careful not to lay too heavy. If you don’t love the exaggerated blush effect, you’d better try to fade the blush, which looks more routine. It’s not surprising that you can’t go out to your makeup.

After freckling, you can wear a pair of flat glasses with big frame. It’s playful and retro, and it can cover up the unnatural feeling. If you are really stupid, go online to buy a freckle makeup sticker and print it on your face.