What? Make Up You Never Coutouring &Highlight? Then You’re Out!

Spring has come, will summer be far behind? Are you starting to worry about weight loss again? After a winter, is there more fat on your face? It’s not so fast and easy to lose weight and thin face. If you want to create a perfect three-dimensional facial makeup now, only the highlight repair can help you.

I believe that many girls are not accustomed to make-up, not to contour and highlight, I can only say that you really missed a very important step, and highlight is the weapon for you to create a perfect face. Learning to polish is like changing your face!

What Is A Complete Makeup

Girls will be very concerned about the make-up of eyes and lips, but it is easy to ignore the most important step of contouring and highlight! Highlights and contouring help you create a three-dimensional and eye-catching make-up, which is the soul of a make-up.

Contouring&Highlight Are Different

  1. Different Functions
    The main function of cosmetology is to modify the facial contour to make the facial features more three-dimensional.
    The main function of highlight is to make the place with highlight appear to be floating, with obvious effect and brighten the whole makeup.
  2. Different Parts Used
    Contouring is mainly used in the sunken parts of the face, such as the two sides of the bridge of the nose, the two sides of the forehead and under the cheekbones. Dark grooming can be applied to the forehead and hairline, as well as the jaw bone and masticatory muscle.
    Highlight is mainly used in forehead, bridge of nose, zygomatic bone, brow bone and chin.

Highlight And Contouring Are Inseparable

We don’t advise to use only highlight or contour on your face. Highlight highlights the points of your face. Contouring covers the redundant lines of your face. Contouring can be used in a large area, while highlight only needs to be used in several fixed positions of the face. If there is light or dark on the face, the lines of the face can give people a three-dimensional and vivid feeling of being up or down.

How To Put On The Contour and Highlight Correctly

Everyone’s face shape is different, and there will be some differences in the parts of the face, so girls please continue to look down to find a way to fit their own face shape.

These Places Can Also Use Contour&Highlight

In addition to the use of conventional parts of highlights, such as the bridge of the nose, forehead, temples, etc. You can also highlight the palpebra inferior and the eye head part, which will make the smiling lying silkworm fuller and the eye line more refined.