We’ve Seen A Lot Of Finger Nails Manicure Styles. Do You Know The Styles Of Toenails?

Summer has arrived, we in addition to the waist, legs, do not forget that we have to leak feet yo. Girls show beautiful little feet, shouldn’t they even have beautiful toenails? Especially when wearing sandals, does toe enhancement look different to the whole foot? Let’s take a look today at how toe enhancement can choose its own design.

So let’s take a look at the toe enhancement style recommended for you in summer 2020. On the other hand, because the foot is more convenient than the fingernail, today I will also analyze the steps of making at home for you.

Beautiful Pured Colors Maincure

Toe nail enhancement, we are more common is solid color enhancement. Pure color nail does not choose the shape of toenails, as long as you choose the nail color that suits your skin color. Black and Burgundy are good choices for girls with fair skin. However, it is not recommended to choose these colors for those with dark skin. You can choose the color of nude color system, which will make the skin look good and white.

The bright yellow in solid color is highly recommended for girls in summer. No matter the color of the skin is black and white, no matter the shape of the feet is fat or thin, it will dress up your toes!

French manicure is also very elegant and beautiful when applied to feet.

Put A New Coat On Your Toenails

Because toenail face is small, toenail pattern is not as colorful as fingernail. But we also have a lot of options for toenail styling. In addition to solid color enhancements, we have many other nail styles, such as color matching, cartoon, diamond Sequin, flower pattern, cartoon pattern and other patterns.

The color matching manicure looks personalized and stylish. Although it looks simple, it makes people feel full of advanced feeling.
Cartoon manicure is generally based on small animals, very cute, choose this style can give a very fresh, very little girl’s feeling. This summer. Cartoon pattern is highly recommended for the Yellow smiling face, with no pressure on any sandals.
Diamond Sequin manicure is more suitable for mature and capable women in the workplace, especially with temperament.
Flower manicure is suitable for all girls who like flowers. All kinds of tropical flowers can be put on their toenails.

Toe Nail enhancement Steps

First trim the toenail, cut out a toenail shape suitable for your feet, then apply nail polish, choose a nail polish that you love better, decorate your toenails, decorate your toenails with other colored nail polish, brighter drills, etc. when you wear sandals or drag out in summer, you will be able to shine and attract people’s attention.

1. Manicure Toenails

In order to make our toenails look better when we wear sandals, we can use a nail clipper and a nail file to first trim our own toenails to a shape suitable for our feet. Generally speaking, false toenails are not recommended for toenail enhancement, which are easy to damage and damage your own toenails.

2. Apply Nail Polish

Choose one or more love nails that you like. You can apply it on your toenails first to see which color is the best. After choosing the color, apply a thin layer of nail oil first, and then apply another layer after the nail oil is dry. Remember to apply in the same direction. To smear evenly, you can’t be thin here and thick there, so it’s not good-looking.

3. Decorate Toe nails

After applying the nail polish, you can decorate your toenails with other colors, such as nail polish and brighter drills, to show your personality. After that, apply a transparent nail polish.

When you apply nail polish, you can separate the pigment from careless toes around the toenails, and use them to separate them from each other.

When doing toenail, you should be as patient and careful as you do fingernail. The toenail will be very beautiful.

If you think your toenails are ugly, you may not be able to beautify your toenails. You can go to a professional manicure shop. I believe that when you step out of the store, you will have a different feeling. Foot enhancement will make you confident when you wear sandals. This is not only spiritual, when you accept the eyes of others to catch up with you at any time, you will even walk lighter.

Now do you know how to choose the right style for your toenail? Do you want to choose one to put on your toenails right away? Take action according to the manicure method I said. Try several times more. Believe me, you will succeed.