Want To Shine At The Party? A Set Of Perfect Makeup Is Indispensable

As a social youth, I believe that the company party, friends party, students party A party is a must. The feast with beautiful women is actually a battle for “party Queen”. In order to win, besides the fashionable and creative clothes, the eye-catching beautiful makeup is also the key. Every girl in the party tries her best to be the focus of the party. However, if you don’t master the key point of Party makeup and make a little mistake, you will lose your hand with the queen.

Today, I’d like to summarize some points that we need to pay attention to for Party make-up. It’s mainly convenient for us to make up by ourselves at home, and it’s unnecessary to go to the beauty shop for make-up. Come and have a look.

Five Elements Of Party Queen’S Makeup

1. Perfect Bottom Makeup

The first step is to make up a fine and dazzling look. A few days before joining PARTY, you should do moisturizing facial mask. If you put on the eye mask and mask for 15 minutes before you put on makeup, you will be more handy when you put on makeup. If the pores are too large, try to soak the towel with ice water and wring it dry. Apply it on your face for a few minutes, then dry your face and apply makeup. In the middle of the PARTY need makeup, powder is a good choice for quick and effective.

2. Seductive Eyes

Give up the black and gray Eyeliner used for everyday use, instead of using a color liner with eye shadow. Eye shadow is best with pearlescent or bright powder. To increase the power of binocular waves, it is necessary to have a pair of eyelashes that magnify the effects of eyes, or to sprinkle some bright powder on the mascara just after applying it (a small number of principles), the eyes will have a glistening effect, or a black and colored mascara will be used to create a multi-level sense of reality.

3. Delicate And Sexy Lips

The bright lipstick with crystal is undoubtedly the best choice in this day. With the flashing lights, the lips will reflect different attractive lustre, dazzling and glittering with the change of light. If the lip shape is not perfect, you can first use lip liner to outline lip shape, then use the same color lip gloss and lip gloss. Note that before applying the lipstick, first use the concealer and lip balm to mix evenly and spread on the lips, which can nourish the dry lips and weaken the lip lines. Many stars use this method to make the lip makeup details perfect.

4. Well Defined Cheeks

To create a face with a three-dimensional sense, blush is indispensable. Unlike everyday makeup, you can choose blushes with pearls. First, brush gently from temples to cheeks, then from chin to neck, and finally at the hairline, so that the whole face is bright without blushing, presenting elegant and delicate unique charm.

5. The Whole Of Shimmering Light

Party make-up must be eye-catching, must be shiny, while the overall make-up must be focused, harmonious and unified. The low light feeling is reflected in the makeup. The key is to maintain the skin’s luster and transparency. In addition to the use of pearlescent cream or condensation, flashing lip gloss, and deep shiny eyeshadow, you can also make up your body and dress without exposing the evening dress. Sexy clavicle can show your charm. Brush the special shadow shaving cake on the concavity of clavicle, and the pearl powder with brightening effect on the protrusion of clavicle.

What About The Casual Party?

Temporary parties and dinners are always overwhelming! If very unlucky today only draw light makeup! What should I do? I don’t think it’s enough to date at night. If I want to impress you, I just need to add a little change to my makeup to make you a fresh girl next door!

In fact, as long as you can enhance the color of eye shadow at the end of the eye, and outline a clear eye liner, you can make your daily makeup feel a little party! also! Be sure to add the bright lipstick that makes you look brighter and brighter. That’s the perfect state. Not coquettish but also can charm each other’s computer make-up, so simple! The next article will give you a tutorial.

The hot summer, most girls are still at home, so you can practice this make up now. I hope this article can bring you useful information about party make-up. I believe that after this tough period, everyone will be back to normal social contact. And at that time, this articlewill be very useful.