Wait A Moment! Read The Guide Before Tattooing Your Fingers!

Now the tattoos on the stars seem to be the imitations of some teenagers’ tattoos. For example, the tattoos on G-Dragon and Rihanna’s fingers have some people come up with the idea of finger tattoos. Finger tattoos are cool and handsome, but don’t worry about it first. Read this article first and then decide.

In recent years, many young people want to tattoo their fingers. There are also many people to me message consultation: in the finger print what kind of pattern is better? There is no doubt that finger tattoos are very stylish. Even some stars like to tattoo on their fingers. For example, Gd, which you are crazy about, has a personal brand name “peace minusone” tattooed on his finger. So for ordinary people, what kind of finger tattoo is the right choice?

Rihanna, the singer, is also a famous tattoo lover. She is not only covered with tattoos, but also has fingers. It’s known as “Shhh…” and “love” finger tattoos.

Finger tattoos look attractive, but they’re not as good as you think. Do you want to know why? Let’s take a look at the following before you decide.

I Think You Need To Understand These Things~

1. People With Sweaty Hands Are Not Suitable For Finger Tattoos

First of all, if you are a person with sweaty hands, then I’m sorry, there may be no reason for you to have tattoos on your fingers. Because generally speaking, the wear of finger tattoos is higher than that of ordinary body parts. You think, the tattoos on your hands are often rubbed, exposed to the sun, rain and frequent hand washing. If your hands are attacked by sweat, I don’t think the brightness of this tattoo can be maintained for a long time.

Tattooing on your fingers can’t avoid fainting. Because the skin on the fingers is thin and there are many capillaries, it is easy to spread the color materials when tattooing in this place, and the edge of the tattoo pattern will become empty, which will appear very dirty, that is to say, fainting.

2. The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Pain, Please Remind Me!

If you are sensitive to pain, you should think about tattooing your fingers, because it will be very painful. Generally speaking, the areas with the strongest pain are mainly concentrated in the areas with obvious medial skin and bones, which are characterized by less subcutaneous fat or muscle. So it’s obvious that the fingers with less fat are all in the range of strong pain.

3. The Finger Tattoo Is Permanent Existence

The tattoo is permanent. Once it’s tattooed, it’s hard to get rid of the grinding goblin. A disadvantage of tattooing on fingers is that it is often seen. A star once tattooed a small dark blue flower on the tiger’s right hand. Later, in order to eliminate the tattoo anxiety, he tried all kinds of methods to eliminate it.

Is The Finger Tattoo Suitable For Your Identity?

For those who need to go to work in strict companies, finger tattoos should be considered again. Because in such an obvious place, tattoos can’t be covered by clothes. Some bosses who don’t like tattoos may cut you off during the interview. So tattooing your fingers will affect your study and employment to a certain extent, but if you are your own boss or you are the second generation of the rich, that’s another matter.

Limited Selection In Summer

The first recommendation is a variety of letter tattoos with various meanings. Let’s be honest. It’s a bit unrealistic for a finger tattoo to be gorgeous. Because the area of finger tattoo is really limited, you can’t be too difficult for tattooists.

In this hot summer, if you need to make a new tattoo to bring you a new image. Then I would recommend a little tattoo like leaves and vines or a beautiful and charming flower tattoo. However, it should be noted that the tattoo fiber lines of these patterns are mainly simple, which will be more durable.

Geometric patterns, the combination of lines and points are very suitable for interpretation between fingers. What I suggest is to use black or white to have the most personality and beauty when tattooing these themes. It’s better to unify the colors, otherwise it will appear disorderly.

To keep the tattoo for a long time, it’s better to choose a pattern with thick lines. Thick lines with various geometric patterns, strange symbol patterns are very suitable. The effect of tattoo is very good.


Most tattooists are reluctant to tattoo their fingers. Because the fingers are most often exposed to external bacteria, the maintenance and recovery after tattooing is particularly difficult. If the small patterns are not well maintained, it will make others feel that your hands are not cleaned. If some guests don’t understand it, they will think it’s the problem of tattooists. Seriously, it’s no wonder that tattooists do. Therefore, after tattooing your fingers, the most important thing is to form the habit of daily care.

After all that, what do you think of finger tattoos? This article may make you change your idea of finger tattoo, or it may still not change your idea of finger tattoo. In any case, tattoos are up to you. The body is your own, and what you like is the most important.