Types And Painting Methods Of Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky make-up belongs to one of the ways of make-up. Smokey eye make-up quite distinct from each other’s eye and eye shadow, and it is covered by the eye socket. Because we can’t see the trace between colors, which is like smoke, and often with black gray as the main color, it looks like the trace of charcoal smoke, so it is called smoke makeup.

Generally speaking, smoky make-up always seems to give people an exaggerated impression. In fact, this is related to the selection of eye shadow and the weight of makeup. Smokey eye make-up is a smokey eye make-up. It is more about the needs of ordinary people, more light eye shadow, close to the skin, and a charming and not overly publicized feeling.

Different Types Of Smoky Makeup

1. Stage Type

You may be frightened by the exaggerated eye make-up of the model when you are used to the stage version of the smoky make-up. Actually, the smoky make-up will make your eyes look more bright and vivid, which is a more exaggerated effect on the stage.

Color: Mainly black and gray, but red, fresh orange, dark coffee, metal gray and other colors may also appear.

Key Points: Follow the shape of the eyes, try to draw the eyes into a long and narrow feeling. The arc is very obvious. Pull back at the end of the eyes, or even to the temple, and the end of the eyes should be changed into a heavy color, which is a heavy color block.

Drawing Method

Step 1. Directly along the eyelash root above and below the eyes, use crayon type eyelash crayon to frame the shape and deepen the color.

Step 2. Blooming with dark eye shadow powder, showing a deep light color feeling, leaving no eyebrows under the brow bone.

How To Match

Lips should be light, usually with a powder or natural skin tone, or even lip balm. This year’s Blush from the stage is to brush the ground blush on the underside of the zygomatic bone.

Practical OL Type

This year’s popular small smoky make-up does not necessarily represent small area or soft color. But it is not the same as the stage version’s smoky make-up in painting method. As long as the eye distance is not too close, you can draw popular small smoky.

Color: Mainly in earth color system, especially green and coffee.

Point: The smokey eye make-up is the biggest difference this year. It’s close to eyebrows in the past. This year, the location of the double fold eyelids is limited. Do not exceed the 1/2-2/3 position, and do not draw the eyeliner.

Drawing Ways

  1. First use light eye shadow (such as rice white) to complete the whole eyelid.
  2. Use a yellow or vanilla yellow eye shadow to create an eye socket.
  3. Draw a bit thick with dark eye shadow, like eye liner, and then blooming up, so that the color is linked to the yellow.
  4. If you want to be more fashionable, you can strengthen it at the eye and nose shadow. The eyebrow bone can be brightened with some special colors, such as light purple

How To Match

It must be collocation with smooth, pink, flawless primer (Concealer is very important). Eyebrows should be lighter, too deep eyebrow color will make the facial organs look fierce. Golden brown is definitely the best choice; try to emphasize the upper half of the eye shadow, so eyelashes should be kept clean as far as possible.

In addition, blush should not choose a cute type of color and drawing method. It is slightly darker than the skin color (pink bean paste), and is painted at the lower part of the cheekbone (usually on the cheekbones). For lips, smokey eye make-up is a smoky makeup. In order not to get a deep face, lips should be covered with gloss, but not greasy texture or gloss.

Well, today, due to the limited space, I mainly introduce stage smoke makeup and daily smoke makeup for you. About other types of smoky make-up, next time for you to continue to introduce it. Let’s start by studying these two kinds of smoky makeup paintings.