Trend Of Hair Color In 2020

In 2020, it’s late spring and March. It’s fitting to change your hair style or color! Perhaps when it comes to dyeing new hair colors, most girls think of brown, black tea color and so on at the first time. Indeed, in the past few years, these hair colors were really popular and not easy to make mistakes, but the feeling of these hair styles was “conservative” and too monotonous.

The most popular hair color in 2020 is the one with self absorption effect. Of course, the warm hair color is also favored as always. Today, I will share several popular hair colors of this season with you. These hair colors will be the most popular in 2020. Let’s see which hair color you like! Choose one that suits you to look white and enhance your temperament.

Sapphire Hair

The hottest hair style in 2020: dyed blue hair! The representative color released by Pantone in 2020 is the classic blue, which is also very suitable for being brought into the hair color. Many stars have added the blue color to their hair, which is very eye-catching! The hair color with blue tone is very white and personalized.

Coral Hair Color

Coral hair color has been on fire since 2019, just because it is so popular, it will continue to be popular in 2020. This hair color is also one of the most popular hair colors this year. Compared with traditional red, it looks low-key but full of connotation. In the sun, this coral hair color will appear a little dark brown, almost all skin color girls are very suitable. And this hair color can be dyed directly without bleaching and dyeing!

Green Hair Color-

Green symbolizes nature, health and hope. In the past two years, people seldom dye their heads in the green department. In the past two years, they have become the favorite hair color for young girls to boast their personality. Just like the star Billie eilish, a green hair is her symbol.

Sweet Pink Haircut

Pink symbolizes sweetness, gentleness and innocence. If you can change into such a delicate and lovely hair color in the hot summer, it looks very lively and playful, it will be very popular. But if you don’t have super much hair, you’d better not dye this light pink, it will definitely appear big head, big face and less hair!

Summer’s Hair Color-Yellow

The yellow tones popular in 2020 are divided into two categories. One is very caricature bright yellow, and the other is a mixture of orange hues. If you are an invincible young girl, use cartoon yellow hair color to welcome this summer, and if you just want to change a unique yellow hair style, choose orange yellow.

Purple Hair Color

In recent years, purple has never quit the fashion center. Purple symbolizes nobility, elegance and mystery. If you can get violet hair color in the hot summer, it not only shows your temperament, but also makes you look cool and pleasant.

Brown Gold Color

Brown is easier to handle than other gorgeous colors. It is not as dull as black hair color, or as dazzling as red and purple hair color, which makes people look low-key and temperament. That’s why brown hair color is so highly selected all year round. So, if you don’t dare to try those gorgeous hair colors, choose to dye them brown. You don’t need to bleach and dye your hair, so it will look better. Of course, when you do all kinds of hairstyles, brown is also versatile!