Three-Dimensional Manicure Shape, Come And Create Your Own 3D Coffin Nails

Dare to paint some patterns if you want nail art? Sorry, I can only say that you are weak! Nail art that does not make a three-dimensional effect is not considered an avant-garde style today. Compared with shorter nails, the long coffin-shaped three-dimensional nail art is not too good-looking.

Stereoscopic nail art is 3D nail art. In modern society, everyone has gradually become accustomed to the existence of 3D things. The 3D sense has a great visual impact on people, it is real and virtual, and the stereo can be flat. It is commonly used in this society nowadays, film and television, animation, games, cars, airplanes, furniture…nowhere in life. Have you ever seen a 3D nail art? Today I will take you into the new world and let the 3D nail art bring you different surprises.

There Is A Wave of Three-Dimensional Nail Art In 2020

Do you still wear solid nail polish or French manicure? It’s already 2020, this nail art pattern is just OUT. Now that the 3D three-dimensional element nail art is the most fashionable, how can you as a nail lover, miss the most IN nail art picture today, come take a look.

From the ever-changing singer Katy Perry to the influential Rihanna, the three-dimensional effect nail art is now the hottest fashionable “weapon”. Are you not brave enough to try it? The artwork on this fingertip is simply crazy and cool!

These Decorations Help You Create A 3D Coffin Armor

Treasure Stone

Gemstones are the most beautiful and precious type of rock. They are bright in color and crystal in texture. What would it feel like to put a gem on your fingertips?


Shell is the best nail decoration choice to go to the beach. If real 3D shell is too troublesome, choose 3D printing style. The shell will make your nails have a marine atmosphere.

Plastic Flower Simulation Flower

If you want your fingertips to bloom differently from others. Then you must be inlaid with lifelike fake flowers. Compared to normal nail art, the three-dimensional fake flower nail art is a wonderful flower. It will attract everyone’s attention. But be careful, daily care should be taken care of such nails.

Silk Thread

If the lines drawn cannot achieve the 3D effect, then the real silk is needed. The three-dimensional nail art needs a realistic line sense, and the silk thread can be fixed with glue a little bit to perfect the line. The silk thread is very difficult to fix and requires full nail art experience and patience. If you consider your own DIY partner at home, you can give up.

Three-Dimensional Carved Nail Art

It is said that carved nail art is the “highest difficulty” in the nail art world, and many nail artists say that carved nails are really difficult. However, as carved nail art becomes more and more popular, more and more manicurists are beginning to be good at carving!

The carved styles actually existed a long time ago. Only later, because everyone more and more respected the simple style, so many people are not used to the complexity of carved models. But in my opinion, carved nail art is as delicate as artwork. Every time I see exquisite carved manicure, I also admire the skills of the manicurists!

Three-Dimensional Manicure Tutorial

Many girls like the elegant and romantic temperament of three-dimensional carved nail art. Today I still bring you a gorgeous three-dimensional carved nail art DIY tutorial. Let’s take a look at how to DIY nail art.

First, apply a coat of primer to your nails, wait for the first layer to dry slightly, and then brush the second layer to make the black fuller and smoother.

Sprinkle silver glitter on your fingertips to create a gradual effect and look more natural.

Use a small brush to take a small amount of engraving water and take a small amount of engraving powder to start painting petals on the nails. Note that the engraved pen must be clean, you can wipe it on the paper before use every time.

Draw the second layer of petals, pressing lightly in the middle of each petal to make the flower look more realistic.

The second layer only needs to carve four petals in the gap position of the first layer, and finally carve the flower core in the middle position. A few leaves can be carved around the flowers as decoration, making the carved flowers more vivid.

Finally, apply varnish, this gorgeous three-dimensional carved nail art DIY is completed, is it very simple!

Every girl loves flowers. When you see those colorful flowers, you can’t help but stop looking at them. Becoming a flower fairy becomes every girl’s childhood dream. So, for you who love flowers, the carved three-dimensional nail art must not be missed.