The Trend Of Manicure In Spring And Summer 2020, Mark It Quickly!

Spring is getting stronger and everything is reviving. When changing seasons, we should not only update the wardrobe, but also change the delicate “clothes” for the nails. After all, the delicate pig girl will not let go of any small details about beauty!

A beautiful manicure in spring can not only make you have a perfect mood, but also make your overall shape more different. Now Xiaoyao will share a wave of 2020 manicure trends! Anyway, I’ve sorted out all the beautiful manicure styles for you! I don’t believe you have resistance after reading!

Transparent Fingernail

In spring and summer, the style of dressing is mainly elegant and immortal. Therefore, translucent manicure based on transparent texture must be the general trend

The Safest Choice Is Natural Color

Just as people long for “no makeup”, many people want shiny, healthy and well maintained nails.

Purple Enhancements

The beautiful purple nail is also a very popular nail color in this spring day. Purple itself has a bright visual effect. The upper hand has a more conspicuous feeling, and it will not appear too aggressive. At the same time, it has both a sense of playfulness and femininity. With some delicate accessories, it is really good. It has a very high face value

According To Your Mood, In Fact, All Kinds Of Color Can Be Used For Manicure

In terms of color, the happiness palette includes all colors. Some people say, “when people ask themselves which nail color is right, they tell them to pick and apply the color they attract. In any case, nail polish is not a tattoo, is it? It only lasts for a week or two. “

Long Fingernails

The fashion world is experimenting with nail designs this season. The most prominent is the length. From Tommy Hilfiger x zendaya to Nami Yasuda’s strawberry nails to may Kawajiri’s Tom Ford show’s stiletto nails, stylish nails are long, bold and impractical.

French Manicure

Miss pop used the most traditional French technique in praval Gurung. “The classic French Nail form is more modern by retaining unpainted parts. Using Zoya naked manicure products, I used their original nail color to color them, and then painted their white nails into very thin curves. “