The Sexiest Tattoo-Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Now tattoos are not uncommon. Many people can tattoo. But there is a part of the tattoo, not everyone dares to tattoo. It’s tramp stamp tattoo.

Tramp stamp is the low waist position of the fingerprint slightly above the groin. Due to the privacy and reverie of the location, people used to call it with shame name.

Tramp Stamp Is A New Trend In 2020

But in recent years, many Hollywood stars have been “pushing” the tattoos of these private places and even putting them on the front of their bodies! As a result, tattoos are becoming more and more popular with special girls. Today, I will show you the reverse version of low waist Tattoo – lower abdomen tattoo.

There’s No Limit Style To these place

When girls choose lower abdomen tattoo, it seems that all kinds of styles are suitable. Blackwork, punches, new and old traditions, ornamental patterns, and fancy characters… As long as the lines are good, they look good!

Show Them In Summer

This part of the tattoo, sexy index is obvious (of course, with the body line). It’s hard to imagine the attraction of a smooth, flat belly with a dramp stamp tattoo. Summer is the best time to show them. Bikini is the most eye-catching presence.

Seductive Tattoos

Girls with heavy tattoo hobbies have tattoos all over their bodies, so the bikini line tattoo is just an easy action. And some girls just want to do a special tattoo, you can choose to print your favorite pattern on the bikini position. When you wear a high waisted jacket or bikini, it will be full of metaphor and temptation.

Magic Tattoo For Girls

The tattoo at this position can cover the pregnancy tattoo produced during pregnancy. If you haven’t had a baby yet, it’s not recommended to do it here. Otherwise, the tattoo may deform to a certain extent.

Now many tattoo fans will also do some private parts, not judge whether they are good or bad, just appreciate and enjoy it.