The Charm Of Natural Makeup Looks

Modern girls love to make up, and they used to make up. Now, they generally don’t like heavy make-up, but more like natural make-up. An excellent natural make-up looks can completely achieve the state of “with make-up rather than without make-up”. This is the pseudo makeup that everyone pursues.

For the girls who make up now, what they fear most is rough and gaudy. The unnatural make-up looks like wearing a fake mask and losing the purpose we want to achieve. How can we make up naturally?

Perfect Combination Of Base Makeup And Skin Color

Base makeup is the foundation of makeup. If the base makeup is not suitable, it will not only make the makeup look unnatural, but also make the face appear very rough. The general reason for the unacceptable makeup is that the skin is dry and water deficient. It can moisturize the skin with a little lotion before makeup. The second is that you don’t pay attention when you put on makeup. You need to tap the bottom makeup with a little puff or sponge egg filled with water. You can put on the bottom makeup several times instead of roughly wiping it out.

Color Matching

When you make up, you can’t follow your hobbies and use whatever color you like. In fact, make-up is the same as dressing. It’s better not to have too many colors on your face. The natural make-up in daily life should not have too obvious colors.

If you want to be natural, then the color of skin is the easiest to master. For example, you are brown skin, you can choose the light brown foundation liquid, collocation with light orange red blush, and eye shadow best. Other skin colors are the same.

No Breakpoint Layering Phenomenon In Overall Makeup

In addition to color matching, the phenomenon of breaking point and layering of makeup will also make the overall makeup present an unnatural state, especially eye makeup and lip makeup. Eyeliner should not be too long and wide. Attention should be paid to the convergence of eyeliner and eyelash. Only with seamless connection can Eyeliner become your eye liner so that you can enlarge your eyes and look natural. Lip make-up is to match the red tone of mouth with the overall make-up, not abrupt.

Freckles Also Represent Nature

Many girls have more or less freckles or moles on their faces. Don’t cover them up in a hurry. Try to show them naturally, which will make the overall makeup more natural and lively.

Many Asian girls do not have freckles. They will specially paint freckles called “freckle makeup”. So girls with freckles, don’t be discouraged by them. Cherish your lovely little freckles.

Asian Natural Make-Up With More Clarity

Nowadays, the popular Japanese and Korean makeup is fastidious about the makeup on the foundation. It is light and thin. It is pink and orange, and its eyes are lighter. It only draws eyeliner and a slight lower eyeliner. If you like Korean make-up, try it.