Take You To Know Inequable 5 Tattoo Styles

Tattoo is a way to express art. Any good-looking thing can be called art. Skin is the canvas to display art works. The quality of works is not only just determined by professional technology. The important point is what kind of art the tattoo presents.

The development of tattoo style has been various.It almost has 10 kinds of styles. Next, today I will show you five styles respectively.


Tattoo has a history of more than 2000 years. Totem is the earliest way to present tattoo. Totem is a kind of belief in the primitive tribal period, superstitious to some nature, gods or worship of ancestors. A symbol or symbol used to represent a tribe. This style of tattoo pattern is monotonous in color, but more significant than anything else. It is recommended to understand totem culture before choosing, so as to avoid regret.

Character Tattoos

Character tattoos are very common. It is common to add some artistic characters to many pattern tattoos. Up to now, there are many kinds of characters. Not only the flower characters that can be found on the Internet, but also the recently popular Chicano fonts. The text is very meaningful. This type of tattoo is simple and rough. It can accurately express your feelings, thoughts and personalities, etc.

Black Work

Black work style tattoo, very popular in recent years, suitable for tattoos like black grey change. Through the matching of ink and penetration of skin depth to complete the black and white gray changes of the work. The theme is unrestricted (mostly used for weird and scary tattoos).

European New Traditional Colors

The new European tradition is similar to the new American tradition. In recent years, europe style is very popular, which is my favorite style. Most of the themes are women or animals. I like bold ideas and the use of colors. There are many changes in lines.


Tattooists must be very skilled in this field and be able to convey one person’s portrait to another person’s skin. Meanwhile,they must have the very good drawing foundation, familiar with the human body skeleton structure. The tattoo artist who can complete the portrait production must have superb technology and talent. So you must select a very powerful tattoo artist, and do not be greedy for cheap. Otherwise, the portrait will become a grimace!