35 White coffin-shaped nails to try in the summer of 2021

    The white coffin nails look very refreshing and fashionable in summer. Sometimes referred to as ballet nails, coffin nails were all the rage in the early '90s for their new manicure look. But have yet to lose their distinctive appeal. The coffin nail design is gorgeous, chic, and fashionable. Lovers of long nails particularly appreciate them. Coffin nails look great on long nails and are best suited for long nails, but that doesn't mean you can't have the shape of a coffin. Coffin nails can also be used on short nails.

  • Luxury White nails art design

    White nail polish art for acrylic summer nail designs 2021

    White nails are very often considered not funny. Why would anyone choose a nail polish color practically without color? The color of white nails is a definition of elegance and class. In case you don't like white nails, you can complete your design with a lot of different things because white is a great base to work with. It's easy to add some life and fun to a white nail color as it can be paired with various designs. Find nail inspiration from the collection we put together.


    Summer Fashion Starts With White Manicure

    White gives a clean and beautiful feeling. In summer, white manicure is clean and beautiful. So in the hot summer, to a white nail design, that is the most suitable. White is a neutral color. It’s harmonious with any color. But remember, don’t choose pure white. Because it’s very much like applying a correction fluid. French Style Transparent White Nails The “smile line” and white nail polish in the nail industry are simply the best CP, which can be called a popular classic and will never go wrong. I recommend you to choose a beige white or transparent white. These two colors are more versatile and stand up to the…