• Arm Feather Tattoo

    meaningful feather tattoo for women need on body

    Meaningful feather tattoo for women is a popular choice for dressing in ink, and while they are common, they are still important. This symbol is meaning for the ideas of freedom, courage, strength, and wisdom. For cultural symbols and traditions, meaningful feather tattoo for women is one of the most popular brands for tattoos.


    Take You To Know Inequable 5 Tattoo Styles

    Tattoo is a way to express art. Any good-looking thing can be called art. Skin is the canvas to display art works. The quality of works is not only just determined by professional technology. The important point is what kind of art the tattoo presents. The development of tattoo style has been various.It almost has 10 kinds of styles. Next, today I will show you five styles respectively. Totem Tattoo has a history of more than 2000 years. Totem is the earliest way to present tattoo. Totem is a kind of belief in the primitive tribal period, superstitious to some nature, gods or worship of ancestors. A symbol or symbol…


    50 Old School Tattoo Design For Girls

    Old School tattoo refers to traditional western tattoos, also known as American traditional tattoos or old schools. It comes from the understanding of traditional and totem symbols thousands of years ago by American service personnel. It has a close relationship with “sailor culture”. Around 1930, Sailor Jerry carried this style forward. American old school style is more retro and nostalgic, many nostalgic people will prefer. The classic patterns are mainly anchors, eagles, ships, seamen, retro girls, swallows, flowers, etc. Next, we will mainly introduce several favorite patterns of girls. Swallow The swallow pattern indicates that the sailor has sailed 5,000 miles, and it also represents a return. This “return” has…