• summer tropitcal nails

    30 Wonderful Summer Tropical Nails To Make Your Summer nice!

    When it comes to your perfect summer look, summer tropical nails are the last thing you miss. The range of summer nail design is vast and limitless. You can choose some bright colors or select the entire summer tropical nails, including palm trees nails and ocean nails. Use your imagination, and the results will be excellent. With summer just around the corner, it's essential not only to lose weight for beach season but also to think about your new nail art. summer nails are perfect for summer madness, as summer is a time of sun, sea, and vacation. That's why today, we came up with a poignant idea to share…

  • short square nail with French tip

    30 Acrylic Short square nail with a French tip to try in Summer!

    French nails became the gold standard in the 1990s. Since then, French nails have grown in popularity, but they have also slipped into critical areas. A French woman would certainly not carry a water hammer with hallmarks. So let's get back to basics. The French manicure on short nails is one method that we have all tried. But do you know how to do it at home and look flawless? You can see the short square nails with a French tip.


    Exclusive For Summer, 50+ Gorgeous Rainbow Manicures

    The bright summer sunshine and the blue sea are looking forward to meeting you unexpectedly. When they come, they are as beautiful and gorgeous as the unexpected rainbow. At the same time, it will be as fleeting as a rainbow. So let me keep this beautiful summer Rainbow by my side forever. Here are so many rainbow enhancements that will bring you a lot of luck.


    Cool Manicure Suitables For Summer. 50+ Short Square Nails Are So Beautiful!

    Recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the maximum temperature can even reach more than 30 degrees. Summer is slowly coming to us. Should we welcome a new season with a new look. I'm sure you're ready for the new clothes for the summer. It's not enough just for the new clothes. You can't forget the small details like nails (which happens to be the bright spot). Today, let's take a look at some cool manicures that are very suitable for summer. Take natural square manicures as an example.


    Summer Nail, With These Elements Is Enough!

    What do you think about summer? Blue to intoxicated sky, green to dazzling plants, gorgeous to blurred bouquets Colorful, all kinds of colors interweave. The scenery is already like this, the manicure also needs to change the new clothes of course. The collection of autumn and winter manicures in your mobile phone can't match your new beautiful skirt! What does a manicure look like in summer? The following are the essential elements of Manicure in summer. It's very important. Follow me to look quickly.


    Did You Miss So Many Styles Of Acrylic Square Manicure?

    Manicure, a term that resonates with beauty, has become more and more clear in people’s mind. Manicure refers to the work of manicure, also known as manicure. In recent years, manicure has become more and more popular. I believe that girls have experience in manicure. But do you really understand the origin and history of Manicure? The Origin Of Manicure In 3500 BC, ancient Egypt had a tradition of nail care and painting, and the ancient Egyptians took the lead in using the fur of the gazelle to polish their nails. At that time, people used the red flower leaves extracted from the froth leaves and the ancient copper color…