• Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

    45 Pretty Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

    French tip nail polish applies a color that contrasts or complements the selected background color on the top of the nail. The "older" style has more prominent nib stripes, while the modern style is minimalist. After all, less is more! If you wanna follow the classic French tip nails trends but want to make it enjoyable, you can try changing the commonly used pink base and white tip to different colors. Scrub and gloss may start a new trend. Over the years, my nails can't grow more than a few millimetres above my fingertips, so I've been sticking to the short-nail manicure technique without fake nails.


    Spring Flower Manicure, The Beauty Blooming At The Fingertips~

    The blooming flowers are beautiful and beautiful. Many girls can’t resist the beauty of flowers. So in this blooming spring, girls love to choose the flower shape of the scene to do the manicure. Hope to keep the beautiful fragrance of flowers for a long time. Because everyone is at home now, today I not only bring you dozens of flower manicures, but also provide a tutorial of painting flower manicures at home. Follow me to draw a manicure like this, you can match the flower with your fingertips, and it’s not inferior. Now let’s have a look! Let’s DIY Flower Nails Now! Hand painted flower enhancement is actually the…