• Best sparkly nail design with short square nails for January

    34 Best sparkly nail design with short square nails for January

    Do you want a sparkly nail design for January? Are you looking for some shiny glitter nail designs with short square nails that are different and show your personality? If so, then look no further! Whether you want subtle or Bold colors, intricate details, or exciting patterns, here is something for everyone. Why should I choose a sparkly nail design? Every girl likes shiny nails. The sparkling effect is irresistible. Check out these suggestions if you want to make a perfect manicure for an upcoming holiday party or date night. Shiny nails are the ideal match for any outfit you wear. Glitter nail polish can make your nails sparkle, unmatched…

  • Short butterfly nails design : a pretty Summer nail sticker choice!

    Short butterfly nails design: a pretty Summer nail sticker choice!

    With the continuous changes in creative designs and trends of nail artists. You can choose more of these design styles. The nails' innovation and creativity are unlimited, enough to spend a whole day choosing your favorite despite this. Fashion trends influence nail art, and there will always be different styles that are the most popular in a period. For people who closely follow the fashion trend, you can not miss the Short butterfly nails design.

  • Luxury White nails art design

    White nail polish art for acrylic summer nail designs 2021

    White nails are very often considered not funny. Why would anyone choose a nail polish color practically without color? The color of white nails is a definition of elegance and class. In case you don't like white nails, you can complete your design with a lot of different things because white is a great base to work with. It's easy to add some life and fun to a white nail color as it can be paired with various designs. Find nail inspiration from the collection we put together.


    Spring nail | 39 Alluring acrylic pastel nail ideas 2021

    Pastel-colored nails have been trending for a while, and it seems this trend is here to stay a little longer. That's why we decided to treat you with a new portion of pastel-colored nails that are on the verge of glory right now. We need to warn you, trends don't stop, and you should be ready to embrace the new ideas that fashion has to offer. Just talk. Let's take a closer look!

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    Beautiful flower nails design with short almond nail shape you can try 2021!

    Flower nail designs will definitely help you to celebrate the spring. Spring is the most cheerful and flamboyant time of the year, so it’s time to admire floral designs on your nails. Bright colors and flower designs will complete your look perfectly. Meanwhile , short nail shape such as short almond nails and square nails shape are on the top of nails fashion this March. Absolutely, flower nail with short nail shape is a good-looking fashion trend for you guys. Check out the following nail designs.