Almond shaped nails | short nails design ready for the fall season

    Almond shaped nails are ready for the fall season! Experienced nail art lovers know that some nail shapes are related to length and proportion. Nowadays, you can ask the manicurist to file nails into more than just square or oval shapes. You can try coffin-shaped nails, which are long and eye-catching with a square tip. You can also try stiletto nails, pointy like iconic shoe heels. However, our favorite non-traditional nail shape has to be almond-shaped, where the curved cuticle tilts down to a small round tip at the tip of the nail. Like her coffin and stilettos, this shape is charming but more subtle and delicate. Blake Lively, who…

  • short square nail with French tip

    30 Acrylic Short square nail with a French tip to try in Summer!

    French nails became the gold standard in the 1990s. Since then, French nails have grown in popularity, but they have also slipped into critical areas. A French woman would certainly not carry a water hammer with hallmarks. So let's get back to basics. The French manicure on short nails is one method that we have all tried. But do you know how to do it at home and look flawless? You can see the short square nails with a French tip.


    After Manicure, Don’ t Forget One Thing!

    Many beauties have the habit of doing manicure, but never going to the shop to unload. They don’t understand why there is a charge for nail removal in the salon. The most important thing is that it’s not cheap. They just cut it short or cut it off. Many people don’t know that it’s not good to keep the nail on hand for a long time. It will not only cause inconveniences in life, but also may harm the health of nails. Today, we’re going to find out why we must go to the manicure shop regularly. Several Excuses For Not Removing Armor Some beauties don’t have the habit of…