40+ Lotus Tattoos With “Out Of Mud But Not Dyed”

    There are countless beautiful flowers, but lotus is still the aspiration of many people. Lotus is the most commonly used plant as a symbol of religion and philosophy. The Lotus tattoo represents the holy, female beauty, purity, resurrection, elegance and the sun. It is also regarded as a symbol of the pure land of the West in Buddhism, It's where the soul grows.


    Girl’s Favorite Rose Tattoo Get To Know?

    The rose, who was forced to appear in love articles and frequently appeared in films and TV works, said that she was under great pressure, but she still couldn't push away the love of the masses, including the author himself. Therefore, this article will arrange the related tattoo patterns of roses according to different styles, and analyze and discuss them.


    Girl With Tattoo, Why Do You Need Tattoo?

    Having a tattoo doesn't necessarily mean that there is a story, but people with tattoos must have a story. This is what I want to correct first. A lot of tattoos are just because they want to tattoo. It has nothing to do with whether there is a story or not, not to mention the evaluation of the two. The preferences of tattoos themselves are the first point, and they have nothing to do with others. Because it is stabbed in oneself, this thing should be subjective, and others should not talk much if they know how to respect.

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    Do You Fall In Love With Lady’s Favorite “Fancy” Tattoo?

    In this increasingly modern era, everyone is armed with black and white bodies. Every day with electronic technology, the wild green has not been touched for a long time. Gradually, the iron armor on the body becomes thicker and thicker, unwilling to reveal a trace of softness. In their eyes, there is only a black and white gray electronic screen. Slowly, they forget to see that green plants and red flowers. Flowers, is the world of all things, the most delicate, no words, as long as the quiet standing in the world, like the beauty of a smile as moving. In the age of hard core, everyone has a flower…