Light blue nails | Who knew nail colors could be so deep?

    Have you noticed that many girls on TikTok have painted their nails light blue nails recently? In fact, this is the latest trend in this app, but the reason is not what you think. Compared to the girls who choose this newer and more exciting color for their summer nails, this is actually a way to show that you are in love. What is the reason? When you ask every man what color you should paint your nails, they will choose this color. What are blue nails? Now, the girls on TikTok show off their blue nails or playfully paint their nails in different colors to show that they have…

  • french tip nails

    French tip nails with almond-shaped nail ideas to try this Summer 2021!

    French tip nails design has been popular in nail fashion for a long time. The words 'French' or 'Paris' have always been contacting with fashion. Many women like French nails. Some of them look classic, others are elegant for a nail design that suits any occasion. They make the right choice, as this is all that characterizes the French manicure. This nail design matches any outfit you wear and is always fashionable.


    Spring nail | 39 Alluring acrylic pastel nail ideas 2021

    Pastel-colored nails have been trending for a while, and it seems this trend is here to stay a little longer. That's why we decided to treat you with a new portion of pastel-colored nails that are on the verge of glory right now. We need to warn you, trends don't stop, and you should be ready to embrace the new ideas that fashion has to offer. Just talk. Let's take a closer look!


    Spring nails | 40 Alluring Short Pastel Nails for 2021

    Spring is here with vibrant atmosphere, and Summer is around the color. That means pastel colors are back! All of the soft, light and beautiful tones are now a must-have in fashion, beauty and nails. With that said, we thought it would be the perfect time to give you some nail inspiration so we have collected 41beautiful short pastel nails to inspire you. You will find different shades from pink to green ,rainbow color and lots of different ways to wear the colors. There are also designs for all nail abilities whether you are a pro or are trying nail art for the first time. So, take a look and…