• Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

    45 Pretty Natural short square nails with French tip nail design 2021!

    French tip nail polish applies a color that contrasts or complements the selected background color on the top of the nail. The "older" style has more prominent nib stripes, while the modern style is minimalist. After all, less is more! If you wanna follow the classic French tip nails trends but want to make it enjoyable, you can try changing the commonly used pink base and white tip to different colors. Scrub and gloss may start a new trend. Over the years, my nails can't grow more than a few millimetres above my fingertips, so I've been sticking to the short-nail manicure technique without fake nails.


    40+ Yellow Coffin Nails For Long Acrylic Nails

    Summer is the hottest season for girls to dress their nails. Today, continue to recommend more than 40 kinds of yellow coffin manicures for you, to ensure that you can feast your eyes. Manicure has always been popular with women of all ages. Who doesn't want to be able to show his unique fingertip charm with a single hand? However, traditional methods of Manicure always cause some damage to nails, and are not very friendly to some women who need to do housework. So, is there a beautiful and healthy way of Manicure?


    Did You Miss So Many Styles Of Acrylic Square Manicure?

    Manicure, a term that resonates with beauty, has become more and more clear in people’s mind. Manicure refers to the work of manicure, also known as manicure. In recent years, manicure has become more and more popular. I believe that girls have experience in manicure. But do you really understand the origin and history of Manicure? The Origin Of Manicure In 3500 BC, ancient Egypt had a tradition of nail care and painting, and the ancient Egyptians took the lead in using the fur of the gazelle to polish their nails. At that time, people used the red flower leaves extracted from the froth leaves and the ancient copper color…


    In 2020, “Domineering” Stilleto Nails Will Be Popular!

    Manicure is an art of decorating and beautifying fingers and toes, also known as nail art design. Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, caring, maintaining, decorating and beautifying the fingers and toenails. According to the customers’ hand shape, nail shape, skin type, clothing color and independent requirements. It has the characteristics of diversified forms. So how much do you know about the structure of your nails? Today I’ll talk about nails. Structure of Nail Nails are considered to be an extension of the skin because. Like hair, they are all made up of the same protein, keratin, except that the keratin that makes up nails is harder. Fingernails grow…


    50 Colorful Acrylic Coffin Nails Of 2020’s Spring

    The colorful acrylic materials are loved by young people who full of vigor. Because on the small nails, the beautiful patterns full of impact can be drawn.Whatever the pattern you want to show on your nails,it will come true. So in this time's nail appreciation, we have collected 50 Acrylic Coffin type Nails pictures. I believe that it has certain reference for your nails make.Let's look down together!