Super Hot American Tattoos Recommended In Summer

The thick black lines outline the American Eagle unfolding its wings, the dagger and anchor inlaid with red roses. The Panther dripping with blood on its claws, and the sailboat docked on the Bank of the lighthouse. When it comes to American traditional tattoos, maybe these are all patterns that tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts can immediately emerge.

Many trendy men and women can’t do without attractive American tattoos. There are many tattoos on the whole body, the whole arms or legs. These old school tattoos after years of precipitation. No matter how you combine these patterns, they are so harmonious and beautiful.

Its History

American Traditional Tattoo, also known as old school, refers to the Western Traditional Tattoo, as an important aspect of reflecting American culture, which shows some artistic movements and social phenomena.

The main reason for laying the foundation of American traditional tattoo is that Americans have participated in almost every war since the American Revolution in 1775, and tattooed soldiers and sailors often appear in these wars.

Sailors were among the first to revive Western tattoo practices, closely linked to the cultures of Polynesia and South West Asia, who believed that tattoos were like symbolic defensive acts against misfortune at sea.

So they chose to tattoo some symbols of maritime culture on their bodies. Or carry the thoughts of their beloved women and families on their bodies. Many soldiers chose tattoos for fear of being unable to recognize their identity after they died. All these factors had a great impact on the traditional American tattoos that began to form at the end of the 19th century.

The person who “carries forward” the traditional American tattoo is sailor Jerry, the father of old school. Around 1930, he combined tattoo technology with his strong American emotion, established his representative and changed the tattoo world at that time. In his career as a tattoo artist, sailor Jerry not only created the iconic tattoo art reproduced by artists around the world today, but also helped develop the art and technology of the entire tattoo industry.

It is also one of the pioneers of using autoclave to disinfect its equipment, and promoting the use of disposable needles. In other words, if you have tattoos, you can thank sailor Jerry because they, you didn’t die of infection.

Style Features

In the visual style of American traditional tattoos, bold black thick lines are used as the outline frame, and a very small amount of full original colors are used, mostly pure red, yellow, green, blue and brown, with little or no shadow, and the overall pattern is flat.

In pattern design, animals, landscapes, military insignia, stars and heart-shaped shapes will appear in many traditional tattoo design combinations, and each has a specific meaning. Influenced by sailor culture, the most classic old school patterns include sailboat, anchor, eagle, retro girl, swallow, heart, rose, etc.

In addition to these classic American elements, as sailor Jerry was the first Western tattooist to contact with a Japanese tattooist, he added some Oriental elements to his manuscript for the first time, such as dragon tattoo.

On Behalf Of Tattoo Artists

There are a large number of artists on the list of American traditional tattoos. There must be the first pioneers, such as sailor Jerry, and of course a large number of wholesale promoters. Contemporary tattooists, such as Kim Anh Nguyen, Shaun Topper, Graeme Allan, Victor Vaclav, etc., continue to create valuable heritage for American traditional tattoos.

Today, more and more tattooists at home and abroad love and focus on this tattoo style. At same time, to add more innovative designs combined with the times.

American traditional tattoo has experienced the time of precipitation baptism, the classic things will never be eliminated by the times!