Super Charming 40 Kinds Of Ink Tattoos, All Are Well-Crafted Works

In modern times, with the development of tattoos, there are so many kinds of tattoos that it is difficult to choose. But there is still a kind of tattoo that attracts my attention. It can be gorgeous as the sun, or deep into the night. It’s the illustration tattoo style.

With the development of culture, tattoo artists integrate tattoo patterns into the painting techniques of ink and watercolor. The pattern is similar to the ink and watercolor painting, and the color is used to express the characteristics of multiple spots of halo dyeing.

Refuse To Regret, Know The Event Before Tattoo

Want to be a tattoo trendsetter, but don’t know what to tattoo? It doesn’t matter. Take your time. First of all, you need to understand that the so-called “semi permanent tattoo” is because the technique can not be achieved and can not never fade, but can only form the so-called semi permanent.

The so-called semi permanent tattoo will be metabolized by the skin after a period of time. However, due to the poor technology of tattooists and the inability to control the depth of needle penetration, some patterns will disappear. And the rest of the patterns are mottled like birthmarks, making people unable to look at them directly.

Tattoo is a lifetime thing, the idea of minors is not yet mature, maybe because of impulse tattoo. Don’t regret later when you are old and mature. So, first of all, you must be 18 years old and responsible for yourself.

You must know what theme you want to write, what you like, what you want to express, what style you like. New and old traditions, oldschool, new school, European and American realism, small and fresh, geometric lines, watercolor, prick, etc.

If you don’t know what you want to print, the tattooist can’t design for you. Even because everyone’s aesthetic is different, sometimes the tattooist doesn’t know how to give you some advice.

Don’t tattoo to get a tattoo, don’t do it impulsively. Only when you really know what you want, can you finish this final work with the tattoo artist.

If You Do What I Said Above, Then Look Down

Find a tattoo artist you can trust and make sure you can work together happily. Before tattooing, you can use social software or communication to see the tattoo artist’s works and see whether the effects of the works are what you want.

Communicate with your tattoo artist to make sure your tattoo artist understands the effect and intention you want. In this way, you can have a tattoo that you are satisfied with. In addition, make sure that the artwork you see is finished by him, not stolen.

Tattoo Quality Is Also Linked To Your Financial Situation

There is no clear standard for the current price of tattoos. Many people are greedy for cheap and finally destroy their skin. You know, expensive tattoos are not necessarily good, but good tattoos are not cheap.

You can choose through the observation of your work and your ability to bear it financially. But if you can’t afford a tattoo that satisfies you, wait. You know, you’re changing your body. After all, tattoos are responsible for you.

Tattoos Need Communication And Trust

You need to know, after all, tattooists can tell you the size, location and some color matching that suits you through experience. If there are differences in your communication, try to communicate more to see how you can improve the existing problems. If you can’t, trust your tattoo artist, because he can predict the upper body effect and the finished appearance of this picture. I will also consider tattoos for you.

There’s no tattooist’s advice just because of obsession. Any suggestion must be for the final effect to be more perfect.

Tattoo is not a casual thing, nor a necessity of life. But in any case, you need to be responsible for yourself. The tattoo that suits you is the best. I hope you can have a satisfactory tattoo.