Summer Style ~ 40+ Ankle Tattoos Appreciation

Ankles are the most neglected of all human structures. It’s particularly prone to sprains, but there’s little talk of ankle care. The ankle area is easy to be ignored, but the girl who likes tattoos is fond of it. Therefore, tattoo selection in the ankle is also a relatively low-key and amazing part.

Of course, every girl’s skin is very delicate and deserves good care. We must do our best to get tattoos. To define tattoo pain with 5 stars. So the pain of the tattoo above the ankle – two stars, the ankle bone – four stars (very painful), the ankle bone below – three stars. Want to know more about Ankle Tattoos? Then follow me on.

Beautiful Ankle Is A Good Place For Tattoo

The delicate ankle has a fresh taste. It is also exposed to the sun all year round except in winter, which leads to the ankle tattoo naturally increasing the exposure rate. Next let’s enjoy these Ankle Tattoos with a strong sense of design!

Body Maintenance Also Includes Ankles!

The vast majority of friends are concerned about their overall figure, but they will ignore the ankle part. Especially those who are very concerned about their lower body line, but don’t forget that it is also a member of the lower body. When we have even calves, the thin ankles can set off the overall delicate beauty of the calves.

Exercise Your Ankles Will Get Better Tattoo Effection

Of course, Ankle Tattoos look better on a pair of beautiful and slender ankles. We move our feet every day, but we can’t use our ankles. We can get rid of ankle fat by exercise. Do the following to ensure a more beautiful ankle:

  1. Grasp the toes with your hands, and slowly turn the foot joints in a large circle clockwise, about 10 to 15 times
  2. Then, in the same way, turn it anticlockwise (both left and right feet should be done)
  3. Practice writing with your ankles, starting with simple writing and rewriting words with more strokes
  4. Put the pen, staples and other small things on the ground and pick them up with your toes
  1. Sit on the ground with your feet together, with your feet on the ground and your toes bent towards the sole as far as possible, and stay for about 5 seconds
  2. Then turn to the instep
  3. Repeat about 15 to 20 times
  4. Finally, press your fingers around your ankles

Results: in this way, you can move the ankle and sole muscles, make the ankle beautiful, and effectively remove the swelling. When you are OK after taking a bath, you can steal some air tests.

What Should We Do If You Are Born Without Ankle Line?

In fact, there are many girls who are born with thin body parts and small skeleton. But only the ankle looks fat and has no line. It’s hard to improve this through exercise. So what should we do? The answer is an ankle tattoo. Yes, with some Ankle Tattoos, the visual length of the ankle can be extended, making the ankle look slimmer, thus making the whole leg look better.

You can print some simple and derivative patterns. Let them extend from the top of the ankle to the bottom of the ankle, which can stretch the ankle very well. Remember, avoid complicated and large-scale patterns, and the tattoo color is also the best black, because black is the most slender.

These Patterns Are Perfect For Girls To Do Ankle Tattoos

Several representative numbers and letters; various watercolor flower patterns; simple and meaningless lines; beautiful and lifelike foot ring design; adorable dog patterns, etc. They are all very good material choices.

The most recommended pattern in summer is naturally made of various flower materials. No way. Who makes flowers so beautiful? Everyone can’t let go of them. In the hot summer, the ankle carries these 2 or 3 lifelike flowers, which makes people feel that they come here with flowers on foot.

Personalized design is also a favorite of many cool and handsome cowboy girls. The cute and cool dagger pattern, the unknown dot line combination tattoo designed by myself, will bring another kind of amazing feeling to others.

It’s said that girls’ ankles are sexy in the eyes of many boys. It can be imagined that ankle tattoo is also attractive to boys. In addition, girls with boyfriends can also have their ankle tattoos with them. Couple tattoos all sound good. Let’s hurry up, let’s @ your boy.