Summer Nail, With These Elements Is Enough!

What do you think about summer? Blue to intoxicated sky, green to dazzling plants, gorgeous to blurred bouquets Colorful, all kinds of colors interweave. The scenery is already like this, the manicure also needs to change the new clothes of course.

The collection of autumn and winter manicures in your mobile phone can’t match your new beautiful skirt! What does a manicure look like in summer? The following are the essential elements of Manicure in summer. It’s very important. Follow me to look quickly.

Fruit Feast

For food, summer is mouth watering, mango, pineapple, banana, watermelon Why don’t you leave the sweet fruit at your fingertips? Fruit’s own color collision can also bring great visual effect. Pick one of your favorite fruits and let the manicurist paint it on your nails.

Luxuriant Plant

The vegetation is nourished under the sun, the grass is greener and the flowers are more beautiful. Some plants with strong summer elements, such as coconut and sunflower, can be moved to the fingertips, natural and fresh.

Multicolor Collision

The combination of various colors can always make your manicure stand out. The gradual change of color blocks or the stacking of color blocks, as you want, you just need to remember a little – in this lively summer, don’t worry about using “color” boldly!

Animal Elements

Cute and cute little animal element is very suitable for wearing at the fingertips. The cat and dog at home can be your manicure material. Animals on the African prairie, such as zebras, giraffes and lions, are very suitable for the environment in summer.

Stripe, Checks Are Indispensable

There are very classic elements in summer – cell, stripe. They will be very eye-catching when applied to manicure. Checkered nail is a kind of Manicure style that can hardly make mistakes.