Summer Fashion Starts With White Manicure

White gives a clean and beautiful feeling. In summer, white manicure is clean and beautiful. So in the hot summer, to a white nail design, that is the most suitable.

White is a neutral color. It’s harmonious with any color. But remember, don’t choose pure white. Because it’s very much like applying a correction fluid.

French Style Transparent White Nails

The “smile line” and white nail polish in the nail industry are simply the best CP, which can be called a popular classic and will never go wrong. I recommend you to choose a beige white or transparent white. These two colors are more versatile and stand up to the eye, and will not appear very abrupt. Especially through white, clean, any skin color can do. Transparent white with French white nail top design, it’s just too beautiful.

Summer’s Color-Clean White

The sultry weather in summer makes people fidgety. Is there a color that makes you look immortal? Keep a fresh and clean temperament under the blazing sun? Try the most popular transparent white enhancements this summer!

White Nail And Accessories Are Too Well Matched

White nail paste all kinds of ornaments, are very good-looking, because it’s clean and transparent, can set off the glittering of ornaments, it can be said that the ornaments are decorated with white, white makes the ornaments, complementary but quite perfect!

The Freshest Manicure

Key words of summer manicure: fresh. Pure white is definitely the best choice. If you feel a little monotonous, add some simple lines on the white background or make a gradual rouge, fresh and fashionable.

With Sense Of Blank

On the other hand, reduce the white filling feeling. For example, it can be made into French white or gradual white shape, which can make the fingers more slender, and also can alleviate the skin color that is not very good in the sun~