Suitable For The Daily Dress Of Braided Hair, Quickly Learn From Me!

A few years ago, there was not much to refer to in editing and hair, so we could only play by ourselves, so the pattern was limited. Now it’s not the same. The middle and long hair and short hair are in the right place. There must be a lot of patterns. Female stars are all working hard to weave their hair. Just pay a little attention to the star trends. Every day, there are new styles for us to copy.

And now the idea of hairstylist is more close to the public than a few years ago. The hairstyles of stars are becoming more and more relaxed and generous, which is more worthy of our observation and learning. Therefore, the popular hair editing has become very suitable for our daily classes, commuting and dating activities.

Twist Braid And One Kind Of Change

I don’t believe that there are girls in my readers who won’t braid. I won’t talk nonsense The key is the change of braid. Fishbone braid, you’d better learn it. This girl with long hair can use it especially. Fishbone braid is the four braids we talked about when we were young. It’s very simple. When we braid the twist braid, we only take a small bundle on the outside of the braid to braid it. The advantages of fishbone braid are thick braid, rich texture and better effect after marathon.

French Braid And Two Changes

This is also quite basic. In short, when braiding ordinary twist braids, add a little hair beside each braid and braid them together. You should note that there is also a French braid, and another braiding method is often used, which is to reverse the direction. The common method is that each section is wound from top to bottom, and the reverse direction is from bottom to top.

Knotted Braids

This year, there is a new hairstyle: knot and weave hair will definitely be the hot hair style in summer. It’s a cute hairstyle that can be done by twisting and tying your hair, and there are various different styles~

This Braids’ Course

  1. Divide the hair into two bundles, twist the left bundle outward to form a circle, and fix it with a small black clip.
  2. Put the right hair band under the ring, and then directly pass through the ring.
  3. After passing through the circle, return to the lower right, and then pass through the middle circle.
  4. Adjust the position of the hair bundle and tighten the two hair bundles to complete.

A Crucial Point

I strongly recommend that people with hand disabilities and bald girls spray enough sea salt spray before editing, which will make your hair appear more! If you braid the braid thick, it will greatly increase the friction of the hair, and you don’t need to be afraid that it will be scattered.