Spring nail | 39 Alluring acrylic pastel nail ideas 2021

Pastel-colored nails have been trending for a while, and it seems this trend is here to stay a little longer. That’s why we decided to treat you with a new portion of pastel-colored nails that are on the verge of glory right now. We need to warn you, trends don’t stop, and you should be ready to embrace the new ideas that fashion has to offer. Just talk. Let’s take a closer look!

Mixed color art for pastel nails design

Each season requires a special approach when it comes to creating the right look. When summer comes, it is very important that everything is perfect in your image. Since every detail is important, your nails are on the list. Of course, you can simply follow your style direction and wear the neutral or favorite design or you can finally give in to experimentation and try something new and bright like neon mixed color nails! In case you sound like a piano, we have an entire compilation ready for you, so all you have to do is choose!

Blue nails designs for Pastel nails

Blue nails are the new trend and we’ll introduce you today. The fact is that very often it is said that all female shades have predominantly pinkish and red hues. When it comes to bolder nuances, some might consider them too harsh or too provocative. Our job here is to show you that the shades of royal blue are not only extremely elegant, but can also be updated and taken to unknown levels of sweet with the addition of other shades or patterns. It’s time you learned more about this exquisite and sophisticated nail shade!

Blue nails with sparkles look extremely sweet and feminine there is no doubt. But those of you who like to add some pepper to their regular manicure from time to time will surely appreciate pastel blue nails with the addition of darker blue shades as the perfect accent.

Bright green nails of Pastel nails for spring

We have to admit green nails which look pretty unusual. Green are one classic color for pastel nails. However, for several seasons they have been hiding an undoubted trend. That’s why we provide you lots of inspiring ideas for a manicure in shades of green. Sophisticated!

Green colors are indeed extraordinarily versatile. That is why there is almost nothing you wouldn’t be able to pull off with them. For example, they can be mixed in Similar colors or other patterns. When reality gets a little bit boring, it is time to invite some fantasy in.

Pink color of Pastel nails art

When you’re wondering what to combine a pastel nail polish with, the answer is – with another pastel shade. When the pastel nail isn’t for you, then glitter is. The charming sparkling patterns look when combined with pastel pink hues. Don’t you trust us? Look for yourself!

Pink nails are trending during every season of the year. With the help of this simple and neutral color, you can update any of your looks. Besides, such nails are suitable for every occasion and do not look out of place or extraordinary.

Elegant purple color of Pastel nails

Most light purple nail designs often are somewhat underestimated and left out. That’s why our goal here is to show you that pastel purple nails don’t look worse than any other pastel shade if you know what to improve them with. A matte top or purple and silver nail design are at the top of the list and when you check out the images below you’ll understand why.