Spring Flower Manicure, The Beauty Blooming At The Fingertips~

The blooming flowers are beautiful and beautiful. Many girls can’t resist the beauty of flowers. So in this blooming spring, girls love to choose the flower shape of the scene to do the manicure. Hope to keep the beautiful fragrance of flowers for a long time.

Because everyone is at home now, today I not only bring you dozens of flower manicures, but also provide a tutorial of painting flower manicures at home. Follow me to draw a manicure like this, you can match the flower with your fingertips, and it’s not inferior. Now let’s have a look!

Let’s DIY Flower Nails Now!

Hand painted flower enhancement is actually the easiest type to use. In the early stage, we need to prepare the following supplies: acrylic paint, manicure exercise books, small pens and transparent water cups. Then you can do DIY flower manicure at home, practical and easy to learn.

Specific Steps

1. Five petals flower: five petals flower can be divided into seven steps. The key point lies in the drawing of petals. The trick is to write lightly, and pull gently after pressing the pen heavily. After finishing the first stroke, we use the same method to draw the contour of the other side of the petal on the right. Fill it completely, and then draw the other four petals, two leaves, as well as pistils and vines.

The Second Step

2. We draw a pattern similar to the C-shaped pattern of roses according to the method of light writing, heavy pressing and light drawing. After the first stroke, we draw five other petals in the same way to make them into the flower bud of the rose. Finally, don’t forget to draw leaves and vines~

The Last Step

3. The first stroke of plum blossom is to press it gently to form a pattern similar to the moon, and then we use the tip of the pen to gently pull it inward to pull out a strip of flocculent lines. Other petals are similar. After drawing the petals, add the stamens and leaves