Small Sexy, 50 Style Clavicalis Tattoo Pattern Finishing

Clavicle is a sign of women’s sexuality. Women always want to show their beautiful clavicle when they wear clothes. They say beauty lies in the bone, not in the skin. In addition to the bones of the five senses, actually the clavicle on the body is also called the beauty bone. As long as your clavicle is sexy enough, even if you look ordinary, you can also rely on the beautiful clavicle to add points.

There’s a reason clavicles, forearms, ankles are so popular. As long as the tattoo pattern is good-looking and the lines are smooth, the tattoo effect will be quite good. Among them, the tattoo on the clavicle has a different style.

The Clavicle Tattoo Is Too Advanced

Tattoos with plant elements always match the human body. Of course, the most popular one for girls is the clavicle tattoos in various flower forms.

Too Simple? I Don’t Think So.

There’s also a theme that’s super suitable for collarbone tattoos. That’s all the beautiful letters, sentences and names. Although the letter element is simple, the pattern on the clavicle will highlight the beauty of the clavicle.

Clavicle Line Is Too Important

Point out why some girls’ collarbone tattoos look so good. The key is to have collarbone. That is, your collarbone must have good-looking lines to set off each other with the tattoo.

Clavicle Of One Shape

Most supermodels are clavicles, which are straight and have a clear sense of bone. They are simply clothes hangers for walking. See such clavicle, even if be flat chest, also can feel particularly beautiful, look can be attracted by clavicle. Of course, if you have such a beautiful collarbone, it’s a pity not to have a tattoo.

We Are Not Super Model,But We Can Makeup

Not everyone is a supermodel, but we believe that everyone needs cosmetics such as highlights and shadows. In fact, a perfect clavicle can be achieved through cosmetic technology. The specific steps can be understood by Google.