Simple 4th of July Nails in Red, White and Blue Colors

How to use only red, white and blue to make 4th of July nails? We sorted out the good-looking and simple 4th of July nails. You don’t have to go to a nail salon, Step by Step it is not difficult to restore 4th of July nails!

Heart-shaped 4th of July nails

Red, white and blue, the key and difficult points are in the ring finger. Use blue as the base first, and then draw white horizontal stripes. Wait for the nail polish to dry and embellish a heart-shaped pattern to complete the 4th of July nails!

4th of July Nails with Red and White Stripes

What should I do if I want the strong American wind 4th of July nails? Use white and red to draw the four fingers into the shape of a striped flag. The ring finger uses the starry sky blue as the base and sticks the star pattern. The last five fingers covered with sequins and transparent nail polish.

Gradient Red and Blue 4th of July nails

Are you a girl who likes gradient 4th of July nails? Then using sequins nail polish can complete the perfect 4th of July nails. Select the red, white and blue nail polish to smear in turn.

Ripple Red and Blue 4th of July nails

The shape of ripples can change into different sparks.

Graffiti 4th of July Nails

Want to applying gradient elements to 4th of July nails? It is also interesting to draw red and blue graffiti on white armor.

Cute Polka Dot

You are a lovely girl? The combination of blue and white dots is not only full of retro style, but also fits the theme of 4th of July nails.

American Flag

Stars and red and white stripes, this drop-shaped manicure is most like the American flag. You might as well have a try.

Dots and Stars

The patterns of dots and stars can also change into different combinations. That is by using red, white and blue.

Rhinestone Manicure

Do you prefer rhinestone 4th of July nails? Then, stick a finely broken rhinestone pattern on the white manicure.

Navy Style

When the sailor suit and the wheel of the ship appear on the 4th of July nails, you can see a different feeling.