Short Almond Nails-One Of The Most popular Nails Types

Before each manicure, the manicurist will help us to repair the nail type, such as square, round, pointed, etc. The effect of different nail types is different. In 2019, a nail art is particularly popular Type-almond shaped nails.

Well, today I will show you a super feminine nail—almond nails.Almond nails–As the name implies, the nails are shaped into almonds, and the shape is sharpened from the sides to the center.It makes the whole finger very slender and full of high sense!

Today, we mainly introduce you some short almond mails style.Hope you love it.

The first impression of seeing almond nails is that it is full of “femininity”. Short Almond Nails takes you to interpret thousands of style ~

Painting,Bling Decoration,Flower Patch,Frosted Texture etc. these elements all can use on the Short Almond Nails,and all are suitable.

If you are attending some big occasions, and you want your nail style to be unique, you can choose relief design, lace design, bow shape(stick on the nail), believe your nails style will be the most special one among the crowd.

It’s really important to find a nail type that suits you. It can not only hide the shortcomings of your nails, but also make your nails look more beautiful. Fingers are the second face of a woman, so we need to be careful with nails. Please carved it from now on!