30 Colorful Rainbow hair color and hair dye ideas for Summer!

If you want to change the hair color by some trend, let me introduce you to the rainbow hair color. The rainbow hair color trend is strong, and there isn’t the slightest sign of slowing down. Now is the time to fill your harness with colors to achieve an authentic “line!” provocative. . But where to start? You need to know which rainbow hair dye to choose to achieve the desired look.

Since it is difficult to choose between blonde, brown and red hair. It is not easy to know which rainbow color is right. To take the extra stress out, we’ve shared 31 rainbow color ideas (ranging from a pastel choice to a hidden rainbow) to help you achieve the most luxurious mane.

If you want rainbow-colored hair that isn’t too complicated to work with, a rainbow bottom cut can be a good solution. Since some offices can’t accommodate the whole rainbow hair color trend dominating social media, it’s time to get a little creative. This hidden rainbow background is an excellent way to do this. The lower third of the hair is shaved under the head by a bottom cut.

hair color

Crystal colors are in vogue right now, and feldspar hair is part of this trend. The idea is a hidden version of rainbow hair. Externally, you’ll get silver, a shade close to white, rather than shades of gold or brown, which hide pastel rainbow colors under the top layer. It will be your little secret when you take your hair!

Rainbow color hair is a color that is found in a natural. The rainbow colors generally include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. These fashion colors create bold and gorgeous hairstyles.

If you want to attract rainbow hair, try using a “hidden” rainbow. The rainbow-colored bands penetrate the lower part of the hair to keep the upper part natural. This means that the rainbow will only be visible if your hair is set with an “up” or “half up, half down” look. If the hair is not in place, the rainbow will subtly sparkle as it swings or braids the hair.


Whether you’re bold and lively or soft and subtle. This color trend is the most excellent way to give you genuinely unique hair.The holographic trend has been trending in the fashion and beauty world for years.And now it’s the turn of multi-color makeup! There are several different ways to achieve multidimensional holographic hairstyles. To achieve an incredible look, your hairdresser can use the halo prism technique with bare hands. If you love nails or accessories, why not try the rainbow holographic hairstyles?

Is it a little too scary to see rainbow hair? You can reduce the burr by using another gentler method of coloring the mane: the rainbow soft dye for hair dye. This hue would still include all of the rainbow’s beautiful colors – red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and purple – but each of those hues was softer and less saturated.