Pixie Short Hair Is In Fashion, It Can Make You Beautiful To A New Level~

Did you find out? This summer, all girls are paying attention to one hairstyle, that is Pixie hairstyle. Why are you so keen on this hairstyle? Because many female stars show their differences before and after cutting Pixie hairstyle with their actions! Of course, it’s sexy and beautiful after cutting!

But Pixie head is said that only 1% of girls in the world can control it. Small face is the first factor, but everything is not absolute. We can decorate your face with bangs. Let’s see what pixie cut is suitable for your face first~

No.1 Oval Face

Oval face is a perfect face shape, so most hair styles can be controlled ~ matching with medium length bangs will make the face more delicate and thin~

No.2 Round Face

It’s the best to see a small round face with elves’ hair cut. It’s especially cute. If you want to make your face look thinner, you need to choose a longer bangs on the side, and modify the facial lines to help you slim your face. Many round face Hollywood stars’ Pixie hairstyles are worth learning from.

No.3 Square Face

Square face is a very linear, very contoured face. Pixie hair style will be very suitable for girls with square face. After cutting Pixie’s short hair, you can try to pull the hair up to lengthen the face line, so that the edges and corners are not so obvious and rough.

No.4 Heart Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is sharp at the bottom and wide at the top. Therefore, the heart-shaped face can cut the bangs on the eyebrows to make the face look smoother and more refined; it can also make the sharp chin more prominent, make the overall face look thinner, so as to make the face lines more soft and beautiful.

100% of Girls Can Try Pixie Short Hair!

In fact, everyone’s face shape is different. The pixie short hair suitable for the above face types is only for reference. If you want to cut this hairstyle, girls with conditions, please go to the barber shop for the advice of a professional barber, or cut it if you want. Your hair is your own. Don’t worry so much.