Pastel nail colors with different nail shape for your Summer nail designs 2021!

Nowadays, most of us lead a busy and tiring life. That’s why, when you feel exhausted, it’s time to change something. The best way to introduce a little shine and color is to paint your nails with polish. Today, we will completely share with you a list of colorful nail ideas in pastel nail colors of fashion! Read!

Pastel nails are no longer trending for a while, and it seems that this trend has come to stay a little longer. That’s why we decided to treat it with a new bit of pastel nails that are on the edge of glory right now. We must warn you, trends do not stop, and you should be ready to embrace the new ideas that fashion has to offer. No more talking; let’s take a closer look!

Pastel nail colors with mixed color

When you’re wondering what to combine a nail with, the answer is – with another pastel shade. When too much pastel is not for you, then it is colorful. A charming summer color when combined with another soft color. Don’t you trust us? See for yourself!

Colored nails are the best way to add spice to your life. When you can’t decide which colors to use – color mixed with soft-that no favorite color of yours is left out.

Bright blue with Pastel nail colors

Bright blue nails with sparkles look extremely sweet and feminine; there’s no doubt about it. But those of you who like to add a little spice to your regular manicure from time to time will surely appreciate the pastel blue nails with the addition of shades of darker blue as a perfect accent.

There are some different shapes nails of blue nail to show you ,such as squoval nails、 almond shaped nails 、 short nail shapes and so on.

Cute purple and pink color with Pastel nails

Among all nail colors, vivid color nail designs are preferred by women who care about class and elegance when it comes to appearance. That is why we suggest your attention to some valuable ideas of a pink and purple manicure with the sophisticated enhancement in the form of beautiful floral patterns.

Yellow of Pastel nail colors brimg you vatality

The yellow nails looks fresh and unique. You can select different pastel shades, decorate your nails with an unusual version of the French manicure, depicting geometric shapes and applying designs.

Flower nails with Pastel colors

There is no limit to your pastel nail designs. The fact is that a soft color addition looks perfect, even if you choose to combine it with flowers. A colorful band accent is what you need to take our reserved mani to a whole new level!

Pastel with cute bunny

You don’t need to create a colorful masterpiece. The fact is that nail design matches that of a rabbit to create something unique with the minimum skills required. See for yourself!
All girls love rabbits, and so why not portray the devotion on their nails? This art of rabbit nails in pastel shades is something that will make everyone wonder around you!