Wait A Moment! Read The Guide Before Tattooing Your Fingers!

    Now the tattoos on the stars seem to be the imitations of some teenagers' tattoos. For example, the tattoos on G-Dragon and Rihanna's fingers have some people come up with the idea of finger tattoos. Finger tattoos are cool and handsome, but don't worry about it first. Read this article first and then decide. In recent years, many young people want to tattoo their fingers. There are also many people to me message consultation: in the finger print what kind of pattern is better? There is no doubt that finger tattoos are very stylish. Even some stars like to tattoo on their fingers. For example, Gd, which you are crazy…


    Three-Dimensional Manicure Shape, Come And Create Your Own 3D Coffin Nails

    tereoscopic nail art is 3D nail art. In modern society, everyone has gradually become accustomed to the existence of 3D things. The 3D sense has a great visual impact on people, it is real and virtual, and the stereo can be flat. It is commonly used in this society nowadays, film and television, animation, games, cars, airplanes, furniture…nowhere in life. Have you ever seen a 3D nail art? Today I will take you into the new world and let the 3D nail art bring you different surprises.


    Summer Style ~ 40+ Ankle Tattoos Appreciation

    Ankles are the most neglected of all human structures. It's particularly prone to sprains, but there's little talk of ankle care. The ankle area is easy to be ignored, but the girl who likes tattoos is fond of it. Therefore, tattoo selection in the ankle is also a relatively low-key and amazing part. Of course, every girl's skin is very delicate and deserves good care. We must do our best to get tattoos. To define tattoo pain with 5 stars. So the pain of the tattoo above the ankle - two stars, the ankle bone - four stars (very painful), the ankle bone below - three stars. Want to know…


    The Latest Beautiful Wedding Makeup Face In 2020

    The most important moment in a woman's life must be a wedding. The wedding symbolizes the transformation of a woman and the birth of a family. Every girl wants to leave the best mark on this important day. For girls, a perfect and generous makeup can give them the greatest confidence on the wedding day. So, what exactly is the bride's makeup?


    2020 Latest Short Pixie Haircut Comes~ Do These Things Well to Make You Have The Perfect Pixie Hair

    Summer is a season full of enthusiasm. Girls put on beautiful clothes and short Pixie hair. They go out with friends happily. But they soon found a problem. Before long, the hairstyle they had carefully designed before leaving the house was gone. On the one hand, the weather is too hot and cause to people sweaty. On the other hand, it's because your hair has too much oil!


    40+ Different Colors of Daisy Enhancement, Simple is Beautiful~

    Daisy represents pure beauty, innocence, childishness, happiness, peace and hope, as well as "deep love". It is like a pure and naive shy girl. Although she is not the kind of woman who will attract people's attention immediately, but the more carefully you look, the more you can find her beauty and advantages. In mythology, she was transformed from the forest spirit villegis. When villegis had a good time with her lover, she was discovered by the God of the orchard, so she became a daisy after being chased.


    How To Paint Cute Makeup? Only In This Way Can Make You Full of Young Girl Style!

    Who says loveliness is not worth mentioning? I don't know if you have the same feeling with me. Anyway, I like to dress younger and younger as I get older. I hope I look younger and better no matter how I dress or how I make up. So today, I'm going to teach you how to paint invincible and lovely make-up. Let's all go back to the age of 18 ~ of course, girls in their teens are more suitable for these lovely make-up! No matter which girl is praised: you are lovely! No one will feel unhappy, lovely is like a girl's spiritual food all her life. As long…


    Don’T Get Tangled Up! Bob Head Is Still The First Choice In 2020~

    There are so many beautiful troubles for girls! Especially in the choice of hair style. Seeing the hot summer coming, short hair is very refreshing, but it limits the daily dress. And long hair, although full of femininity, but it can't stand the hot weather. If you are outdoors, long hair girls will be damaged by heat. So, think about it, there is only one hair style that suits summer best, that is Bob hair style. Bob haircut has always been the most popular short hair style in summer. Bob hair style not only increases the sense of playfulness and loveliness, but also gets rid of the dull and hot…


    Beautiful Flower Long Coffin Nails Art Designs In Summer 2020

    In the past two years, manicure has become a new fashion favorite of girls. It can not only highlight personality, but also make nails look beautiful and atmospheric. It can even cover dark nails with clothes. Some girls want to do it but are afraid of being dark or old-fashioned. I believe that the following manicure must have the one suitable for you. Take it to your manicurist !