Natural Golden eyeshadow makeup tutorial for girls

Eyeshadoow makeup is an important step in the whole makeup. Of course, eye makeup is also difficult for girls to master! Today, eye shadow is as important as girl’s lipstick. Drawing a good eye shadow can magnify our eyes in the visual sense. A good eye shadow can also increase the goddess feeling to us as a whole.

But for the girl who is a member of the party, maybe it is not easy to paint an eye shadow. Next, we introduce several kinds of girls who are suitable for hand disabled party. These super simple eye shadow methods can also create a sense of beauty.

Eyeshadow is used by many people in the makeup process, but when it’s time to feel the brightness, you have to look at a golden eye shadow painting method. Let’s see how people use golden eye shadow cream to create attractive sequins. Through the use of different texture, different components of gold color make-up, golden eye shadow painting to teach you to make simple makeup, cute sequins eye makeup, all the time. It’s so shiny and charming.

First, master the skills of drawing eye shadow.

Under normal circumstances, girls will draw eye shadow. First, use light colored matte eye shadow to make the bottom, then go to the middle color halo to dye the eye socket part, then use the darker eye shadow to deepen the eye tail.

Then we use the pearlescent color to smear the middle, so that the eye shadow will become brightly and brightly. It is recommended that your girl should not directly coloured directly with pearlescent, especially girl with single eyelids.

Two, you can try monochrome eye shadow.

Some girl in the life do not know the collocation of eye shadow. Here, the girl can choose monochromatic eye shadow. It is still relatively simple to draw this monochrome eye shadow, because monochromatic eye shadow does not allow the girl to consider color collocation.

However, when the girl painted monochromatic eye shadow, she also had to draw the monochromatic eye shadow more hierarchical, especially around the lashes.

The most direct and simple way to use golden eye shadow cream is to smear gold paste eye shadow in the eye socket. Then the golden cream eye shadow was directly applied to the eye socket. Just now, the position of the golden eye shadow paste has been smeared again, and the eyeballs are raised and overlapped to add luster.

Three, double color eye shadow method.

As for the monochromatic eye shadow method, there are natural double eye shadow paintings here. The younger girl can first use their lighter color to make a bottom for their own socket first.

Then 1/3 places at the end of the eye will be decorated with dark eye shadow, and then use the eye shadow brush to make it dizzy. This eye makeup is more intelligent and gives people a clear and natural feeling.

Four, three color eye shadow simple drawing method

This way of drawing eye shadow can be said to be more versatile. The girl first used the light colored eye shadow to make a bottom for the eye socket, then used the main color eye shadow to embellish the double fold skin, and then gave the lower eyelid a light coloured color.

Then compare the color of warm color system in the eye tail to connect the eye socket for halo dyeing! This eye shadow method will make your eyes more attractive.