Must-Have For Girls With Short Nails-50 Types Of Short Almond Nails

Looking at the popular nail types, short almond nails are one of the most popular nail types. So why is short almond so popular?

Many girls have small hands and natural fingernails, so short almond nails that became popular last year are the only choice for these girls. Short almond nails only need to trim the almond pointed shape on the original nail cover, the proportion of the fingers is lengthened at once. That’s why it is so popular now.

The Most Daily Manicure

Short almond manicure represents more than one type of manicure. It can be divided into oval manicure and sharp manicure. If it’s for a better stretch, you can manicure your fingernails more sharply. On the contrary, you are not so harsh on the stretching effect. You can choose the short almond armour with oval shape.

Can’t Resist The Charm Of almond nail

Naked almond manicure, though intellectually elegant. But aren’t bright colors like yellow and orange more attractive?

Shiny Enhancement

Since the almond manicure is not that big, you can make your favorite shiny nail polish without exaggerating. By the way, the knuckle ring is also perfect for lighting your nail style.

How To Maintain Almond Nail Art

Some girls have a bad habit of bite nails, and others can’t help pulling their nails. This habit is usually difficult to get rid of. Now you can try to make a delicate and expensive short almond nail, so you can’t bear to move your mouth. Finally, maybe you can change your bad habits.

Timeless Is A Feature

Short almond manicure is suitable for any occasion and any season. So girls with short fingernails, you don’t have to worry about it becoming outdated, do not worry about it and do all kinds of experiments you desire on your short almond nails.