Love You So Much~ Did You Get The Heart Tattoo Before?

There is a sign that everyone knows and can draw easily. It stands for love. People are very used to it. It’s the shape of a heart. The heart shape we use everyday has a historical origin. It mainly comes from the shape of the heart, but it is different.

Today’s heart tattoos are mainly divided into simple love tattoos and real heart tattoos. They can be said to be the contrast between simplicity and complexity, or the difference between fiction and reality.

Source Of Heart

But you know what? The heart-shaped symbol of love has nothing to do with the heart, but comes from the shape of a woman’s buttocks?

According to pram, a professor of historical psychology at roanack college in Salem, UK, from the physiological point of view, the heart shape is made up of two semicircle protruding parts. At a glance, it looks like the heart, and it can fit the theme of love, representing the feeling of lovers’ heartbeats.

However, the heart is not bright red, and the upper part is not in a concave shape. The bottom is not in a protruding sharp shape, which is not consistent with the pattern of concave and convex sharp points on the heart.

According to pram said, the shape of the heart should be evolved from the curve of the female’s buttocks. Because the shape of the female’s buttocks is plump and round, just like a full heart. In addition, the historical sites of ancient Greece and Rome also prove that the shape of the heart is closely related to the female’s buttocks.

Professor pram said that in ancient Greece, the curvilinear beauty of women had been regarded as an elegant art. In ancient Greek mythology and legend, Aegean has a wonderful figure and beautiful appearance, which is fascinating. According to ancient Roman books, Aphrodite can win the hearts of all people, not only because she looks beautiful, but also because her hips are moving.

In order to show her respect and love, the ancient Greeks built a temple for her, dedicated to a heart-shaped object representing the beautiful curve of the buttocks, which remains to be found. It is also the only religious building in the world that worships the buttocks.

Since then, pram said, women’s graceful hip curve has been closely linked with love and become a symbol of love. However, since the “heart” shape is much better than the “hip” shape, people prefer to call it “heart” shape.

Because the heart has always been widely regarded as the position of human brain. The word heart has always been used when the soul is mentioned in poetry, and the stylized description of the heart “heart type” has always been extremely popular as a symbol of love. Some people think that the use of “heart type” to represent love is related to Roman physician Galen’s idea that the heart is related to emotion. Even after his theory of circulatory system was overturned, the heart continues to be used as a symbolic source of human emotion.

In addition, in European traditional art and folklore, the heart logo is painted as a stylized “heart type”. This shape is typically red, representing blood and passion and strong emotions in many cultures.

Heart Tattoos Are Always Associated With Loved Ones

Girls have a special love for heart tattoos. I think girls are very yearning for love. So many girls choose to have love with their lovers, which means they can stay together for a long time. Some girls will express their love to their parents and families. They will combine the relevant patterns, words and love, and tattoo them on their bodies. These love tattoos give them a lot of motivation and comfort.

Heart Tattoo Means Hope

Realistic heart tattoos are also very popular in traditional tattoos. There is only one heart, just like you are born alone. When a person’s heart stops beating, it will be born with you and go with you.

The heart is the organ on which we live. It protects everyone’s life, and we should also protect our heart and the people we love.

The heart is a symbol of a person’s vital signs. Accompanied by a strong and powerful heartbeat like “bang, bang, bang”, as if it can bring all hope.

The heart has strong vitality and carries our different emotions. When we are happy, our hearts will be in full bloom. When we are sad, our hearts will cry.

Heart tattoos can be used in a wide range of space. Whether it’s a single little red heart tattoo or a complex heart tattoo, it’s a very eye-catching existence. Heart tattoos remind us to love and be loved. Let’s learn to give while enjoying being loved.