Looking Forward To Beauty, 50+ Butterfly Tattoos Recommended

There are many kinds of butterflies, almost everyone’s butterfly tattoo patterns are different. People like its beauty, think that butterflies are flying flowers, with the characteristics of body beauty, shape beauty, color beauty, love more beautiful.

The formation of butterfly is caused by cocoon breaking, just like the ugly duckling changing into a swan, there is a process, and this process is dark and painful, so there is a story behind the beauty, which makes people like its beauty even more. So many girls choose butterfly tattoo for their first tattoo.

Break The Cocoon Into a Butterfly

Butterfly, which runs through the times and culture, is a completely abnormal and inspiring metaphor. Because it changes from eggs to caterpillars to pupae, and finally to the amazing and beautiful butterflies, its changes are impressive.

The Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoo

It’s a long process to achieve that remarkable beauty and tell a story about the evolution of the soul. In sometimes tense and unquestionably strange stages, human souls progress in much the same way as butterflies. Just as butterflies hardly look like caterpillars, so does the landscape of human souls. Butterfly also tells us about the life power of impermanence and continuous progress. Everything is growing, developing and changing. This is the inevitable cycle of life that the butterfly perfectly symbolizes.

Butterfly Tattoos Can Represent Your Mind

When I think about the idea of butterfly tattoo, I always think of the soul in Greek mythology, in which the term soul will also be used with life. In fact, the word mind is translated as “breath of life”. In addition, the Greek mythological psyche is the companion of Cupid. All of this complements the symbolism of short-lived love, intuition, life, peace, worship and beautiful butterflies. It’s impressive when we look at this amazing transformation with our spiritual eyes. In fact, if you get a butterfly tattoo – it’s a symbol of great change and change in your life.

The Eastern And Western Countries Have Profound Implications For Butterflies

The Japanese believe that butterflies are a symbol of beauty and delicate femininity. Geisha are usually considered butterflies. In the mysterious Christian symbol and art, butterfly is the symbol of immortality, not only the resurrection of Christ, but also the awakening of the higher love everyone has in his / her heart. In the symbolic meaning of Celtic, butterfly has similar attributes, representing beauty, love and honor. It is also a symbol of the soul in Celtic mentality.