Know How To Care For Your Hair And Make Your Pixie Hair More Shining

After perming and dyeing your hair, you will be satisfied with a new hairstyle. However, such joy will not last too long. A serious problem will arise. It will seriously affect your hair style presentation. She is the problem of dry hair.

In daily life, many girls are troubled by the poor quality of their hair after perming and dyeing. Hair is generally divided into epidermis layer, cortex layer and medulla layer, which play a role in protecting hair. How to care for your hair? What are the benefits of caring for your hair? Let’s take a look at the ways to care for your hair.

How To Care For Hair

Know When To Wash Your Hair

People often mistakenly think that they need to wash their hair every day, but washing it often can make it dry or make it worse. For most people, washing up to three to four times a week is enough.

The longer, the thicker, the curlier the hair, the more time it takes to take care of it, and the longer you can wash it.

If your hair is prone to oiling and you have to wash it every day, use a lightweight or “everyday” shampoo, because the ingredients are milder than others.

Use Conditioner

Always use good conditioner after shampoo. Conditioner will provide moisture to your hair, making it softer and easier to comb. It will also cause less damage to your hair after showering. Just apply conditioner to the middle or tail of your hair, otherwise it will look more greasy.

Use the shampoo free conditioner at least once a week. Wash free conditioner can penetrate into the cuticle of your hair and repair the damaged hair more completely. Try spray the shampoo free conditioner after you shower. Spray will make your hair softer and smoother. Always try to do a deep care. You can use intensive care, such as olive oil, Moroccan nut oil, avocado oil and coconut oil.

Use A Comb

Wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair because it’s more elastic and vulnerable to damage. Because hair is the most vulnerable when it is wet, you should not comb it directly with a comb after washing. Instead, you should spray some hair spray, and then use a wide tooth comb to remove the knots and reduce damage.

Remember to start at the top of your hair, not at the bottom. Once your hair is dry, be sure to avoid unnecessary grooming, combing, or grooming.

Buy Shampoo And Conditioner For Your Hair Type

Choose a combination of shampoo and conditioner for smooth, greasy, dry or dyed hair and stick to it! No matter what type of hair you are, there will always be a product that is especially suitable for you.

Don’T Dry Your Hair

Hair is more fragile when it’s wet, drying it with a towel can cause damage. Wiping your hair with a towel can damage the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair), causing more damage, resulting in curly or fluffy hair.

Try using a towel to remove excess moisture from your hair, rather than rubbing it. Buy a super absorbent towel that wraps around your hair after washing.

Less Hair Dryer

Frequent use of hair dryer can dry the hair, but it will lead to damage and bifurcation of the hair. Try not to use a hair dryer as much as possible and let the hair dry naturally as possible. If you use a hair dryer, don’t let it get too close to your hair, because it may burn your hair.

Spray the exothermic spray or emulsion as far as possible before blowing your hair. Try to set a cooler on the blower to reduce the loss. Buy an ion blower. Ion hair dryer emits charged particles, which can reduce hair drying time by half (reduce heat exposure), and make the cuticle as smooth as possible.

Therefore, if you want to keep Pixie hair for a long time, you must follow the above steps for daily hair care. Because if the texture of short hair is not good and it is easy to lose hair, then the hairstyle will be greatly reduced.