Instead Of Staying At Home “Moldy”, Why Don’t You Learn These Double Braids Made!

In summer, what hairstyle looks nice and cool? Ponytail should be the first choice. In particular, all kinds of good-looking double horsetail hair styles. When you go out to play, it’s better to tie them like this. Comfortable, good care and super age reduction. If you want to dress tender, try it quickly. All kinds of double Ponytail Hair styling will be age reduction in the end! It’s not just for outing, but also for playing by the sea!

Hair editing is beautiful, but not everyone can have it. Many girls suffer from clumsy hands, because they can’t make good-looking braids and give up. So today, I will teach you some basic double Ponytail Hair arrangement, so that you can learn to start. Follow me~

Double Scorpion Braids

Scorpion braids are suitable for all ages. From children to the elderly, scorpion pigtails are timeless, and can be worn at any age. In addition, there are not too many requirements for the length of the hair of the scorpion braid. Generally, it is very convenient to tie both long hair and short hair.

Suit For These People

General melon face or round face type is suitable for wearing scorpion braid. Girls’ pigtails will be sunny and lively, and they will feel full of youth. Scorpion pigtails, regardless of age, are one of the best choices. In fact, scorpion braid does not have high requirements for face shape, which is more in line with the public, but the most common face type is melon seed face and round face.

How To Braid The Scorpion Braids On Both Sides?

First, separate the hair, take a small amount of hair from the side and divide it into three strands on average, braid it once according to the method of ordinary twist braid, then take one strand to continue to braid one of the last three strands and synthesize it into one strand, always keep three strands of hair, and so on, continue to ground the three strands in sequence, and finally add the hair ornaments to finish.

Fishbone Braid

First of all, fish bone braid and double Ponytail Hair style is recommended to be made by dyed hair paper. Beautiful hair color will upgrade the sweetness of double ponytail, and it is not recommended to try black hair paper. Because black hair braiding double ponytail will be very earthy, with a sense of vision that transiently passes through the 1980s. Firstly, take care of the hair. Divide the hair from the midline of the head to the back of the head with the comb. Note that the hair can be divided into straight lines or zigzags to make the hair look more lovely.

Braids Steps

Clip the left side with a hairpin to prevent it from affecting the right side of the hair. First, divide the right side of the hair into two parts, a and B respectively. Then remove a small strand of C from the top half of a and add it to B. then divide a small strand of D from B and add it to a strand. Repeat a few steps, and the shape of the fishbone will be clear.

Step By Step To Braid

In the process of braiding, we should pay attention not to be too nervous. For the first time, we must not be proficient in the technique or make the braid very tight. After braiding, we can use the comb or hand to loosen the braid a little. The same method is used on the left, so a fishbone braid and two ponytails are finished.

Lazy Hairstyle – Boxing Braids

It’s said that girls wash head is the biggest respect for going out, so I want to ask you girls, how many days have you not washed your hair when you stay at home every day recently? Has hair become greasy?

It’S Ok If You Don’t Wash Hair For A Few Days

No problem! Come to teach you a lazy hairstyle – sweet but salty girl’s boxing braid, even if you don’t wash your hair, it will become beautiful. Take advantage of the time now, the disabled party will learn it quickly! In this way, it doesn’t matter if you encounter the embarrassment of not washing your hair when you go out in the future. It can be solved if you can braid a boxing braid!

  • Step1: pick up a bunch of hair on the top of the head, divide it into three parts on average, and then put it down.
  • Step2: then add a new hair band, which is also put down. This is the opposite direction of the previous braiding, and it is also the most important part of the boxing braid!
  • Step3: repeat this action all the time, add a new hair band and put it down. Pay attention to tighten your hair during the process~

Step4: when you don’t have new hair bands, just start braiding! But also note: the direction of the braid is still downward.

Step5: use your fingertips to gently run the outermost hair, which will make the braids look fuller. Remember that the braids also need to be run~

The other side is as like as two peas, and I will not give much explanation.

That’s it! Is it very easy to learn! The difficulty of this hairstyle is that it’s awkward to put it down, but it’s better to practice more! If you’re still at home, take the time to practice.

Although braid hairstyle is beautiful, it is not recommended to do it every day. Because the pulling force that the hair can bear is limited, and the hair is tied so tightly every day, it is not only easy to tear the hair, but also cause folliculitis, so are you far away from “bald head”?

Not only that! Because our scalp is full of blood vessels and nerves, so it will make blood vessels shrink, causing headaches. The so-called daily headache may be caused by your tight hair~