In 2020, “Domineering” Stilleto Nails Will Be Popular!

Manicure is an art of decorating and beautifying fingers and toes, also known as nail art design. Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, caring, maintaining, decorating and beautifying the fingers and toenails. According to the customers’ hand shape, nail shape, skin type, clothing color and independent requirements. It has the characteristics of diversified forms.

So how much do you know about the structure of your nails? Today I’ll talk about nails.

Structure of Nail

Nails are considered to be an extension of the skin because. Like hair, they are all made up of the same protein, keratin, except that the keratin that makes up nails is harder. Fingernails grow by an average of 0.3cm a month, while toenails grow a little slower. Nails are renewed every five to six months on average. They grow a little faster in summer than in winter. Nail are beige and translucent, and light can pass through them. It can reflect the color of nail bed under nails. Healthy nails should be smooth, bright and pink.

So Many Shapes of Fingernails

There are various shapes of our fingernails. If we subdivide them, they can be divided into the following 9 types: straight long type, horizontal short type, round type, egg type, quadrangle type, triangle type, inverted triangle type, almond type and sword type. The manicure is also based on people’s original manicure.

Manicure Shapes

According to this, there are also a variety of Manicure shapes. Nowadays, the common manicure shapes are: almond, round, oval, square, stilleto and ballet ladder nails. Among them, the stilleto and the ballet ladder nails are easy to see in the exaggerated Japanese manicure. However, now more and more girls will choose exaggerated shaped armour to show their personality.

If Subdivided, Nails Consist Of:

① The front edge of the nail is also known as the tip of the nail. ② Nail body- Also called nail plate.③ Nail groove and finger wall: ④ Arc ⑤ Nail bed ⑥ Nail root ⑦ Finger skin and back edge of nail ⑧ Methyl ⑨ Free edge: the free edge is located at the front edge of nail bed, and damage to the free edge will lead to separation of nail bed and nail cover at the front edge of nail, resulting in shorter nail bed.
⑩ Finger core.

Treat Nails Like Treat Hair

Nail growth and health depend on the health of human body, blood circulation and mineral content. So to create a perfect stilleto shaped manicure, you must first take good care of your nails and treat them like your hair.