How To Paint Cute Makeup? Only In This Way Can Make You Full of Young Girl Style!

Who says loveliness is not worth mentioning? I don’t know if you have the same feeling with me. Anyway, I like to dress younger and younger as I get older. I hope I look younger and better no matter how I dress or how I make up. So today, I’m going to teach you how to paint invincible and lovely make-up. Let’s all go back to the age of 18 ~ of course, girls in their teens are more suitable for these lovely make-up!

No matter which girl is praised: you are lovely! No one will feel unhappy, lovely is like a girl’s spiritual food all her life. As long as these two words come, it seems that you can feel confident, even feel that you are affirmed and that you are worthy of being loved.

Characteristics of Lovely Makeup

Since it is a lovely makeup, then the key must be the “cute”. If you want to create a sense of loveliness, blush is very important. It is suggested that the pink department will be more lovely. If you want to be cute and younger, make-up must not be too heavy, or it will look very pink and old! Eye makeup is not recommended to draw too thick, choose the pink tone will look more lovely. The best choice is lipstick and eye shadow. This will make the overall makeup look more harmonious.

The Painting Method of Cute Makeup

1. Base Makeup

First of all, we need to create a light and clear primer. We can choose a lighter liquid foundation. We suggest using wet sponge eggs to make up with a gentle flap. This will make the bottom makeup lighter and more comfortable. Do not deliberately concealer, a little flaw will become more natural.

2. Fixed Base Makeup

Don’t forget to make up after the bottom makeup is finished. It is suggested to use transparent color or a powder coating with micro flash to make the whole makeup look lighter. When you make up, remember to wear eyebrows~

3. Choose Blush

If you want to look cute, blush is the most important thing. Blush is the focal point of the whole makeup. You can choose a pale pink or orange blush and sweep it gently in the immediate position. A little bit of blush can make you look more lovely than normal makeup. Beginners recommend using liquid blush to smear, it will be very natural!

4. Drawing Eyebrow

The eyebrows of lovely makeup should be painted a little more naturally. You can just draw along the contour of your eyebrows, and pick a little up at the eyebrow peak. But the eyebrow part should not draw too square outline, natural point. Finally, pay attention to using the eyebrow brush to dye the edge naturally. Never paint too hard.

5. Contour

Next, take a small amount of face powder with a face brush, and gently sweep it at the nose, people, chin and other positions. Pay attention to highlight the three-dimensional feeling, but do not start too hard! Therefore, you can use a small amount of cosmetic powder for many times, which will be more natural.

6. Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is another important aspect of cute makeup. You can take a goose yellow eye shadow as a base, then take a large area of pink (Orange) eye shadow on the upper eyelid, and pay attention to the tail. Take a little green eye shadow and apply it to the upper eyelid. Finally, take a bead of light color eye shadow and dot it on the upper and lower eyelids as the center. The eye makeup painted in this way is not only lovely, but also has the smell of summer. It’s super suitable for this season~

7. Eyeliner

Adorable Eyeliner does not suggest painting too thick, you can use brown eyeliner, along the lash root painting a natural drooping eye liner, eye tail can be slightly extended and thickened, which can create a sense of innocence.

8. Mascara

If the eyelash is relatively short, I suggest that you can choose a natural long false eyelash, and preferably single cluster, so it looks more natural, and then use the mascara to brush the lower eyelashes.

9. Lipstick

Finally, choose a pink lipstick, but not necessarily pink lipstick, pink lipstick is a lot of people can’t hold I suggest a cherry pink. Lipstick and Lip Glaze are better with mirror sense, creating a kind of beeping lip feeling, which will look more lovely~

The painting method of lovely make-up is introduced here. When painting, you must remember that no matter which step, you can’t overdo it, or it will easily destroy the whole make-up feeling ~ if you want to learn any make-up, you can leave a message to tell me.