How To Make Up Perfect Lips?

Lips are an important part of the face, and lip makeup is the finishing touch. You can not use eye makeup, but you cannot ignore lip makeup. Lip makeup can improve your sloppy face and make your smile more contagious. When it comes to lip makeup, lipstick is also essential.

Lipstick is a weapon for beautiful women, it can make lips more plump and sexy. No matter if you like fiery red lips, charming dark purple or playful pink and natural nude colors, you need to apply it properly. This is definitely not like opening the cover with a watercolor pen and messing with it. This article will teach you how to draw Beautiful and sexy lips.

Before Make Up Lips,You should Do These Points

Determine your facial condition first. Before applying lipstick, make sure your face shape and skin tone are clear, and then choose a lipstick color and texture that suits you, which will make the effect better.

The following points should be considered when choosing lipstick:

  1. Skin Tone: If you have a darker skin tone, choose a bright color with obvious contrast. If you have fair skin, you should choose bright pink or nude. If in between, consider lavender, cinnamon, or fuchsia.
  2. Skin Type: Dry skin is not suitable for matte lipstick. This lipstick will make the lips look drier. You should use a lipstick with moisturizing effect.

STEP 1:It’s important To Care For Lips

Exfoliate your lips. If your lips are very dry or even cracked, applying lipstick directly on top of them can be potty and terrible. Therefore, you should first rub your lips with toothbrush or white sugar and water to exfoliate dead skin. You can also choose professional lip scrub products. Remember, when you feel your lips are very dry, you can apply a thick lipstick when you go to bed at night, and the lips will be moisturized the next morning.

STEP 2: Draw A Lip Line

Use a lip liner to hook up your lip shape. From the outside to the middle, carefully trace the lip line along the contour of the lips. If you want to draw the perfect lip peak, you can use lipstick to cross the lip peak and then draw the lip peak in the direction of the fork.
Remember to use a nude lip liner as this is more natural. Of course, the lip liner can also be used as a base, covering the lips with a lip liner, which will keep the lipstick longer.

STEP 3:let’s Draw Lipstick

With the continuous development of makeup in recent years, thick lips have become the makeup that many people today want to own! As long as the lip makeup is fuller than usual, you can have thick lips! Does this lip makeup look sexy?

What is “Snogged Lips”

At the 2017 London Fashion Week, models on the stage have painted “Snogged lip makeup”. “Snogged Lips” kiss lip makeup, and “lip bite makeup” have the same beauty, the difference is that the direction of halo is outward, creating a look after being kissed.

These Kind Of Lipstick Colors Are Essential

Brick red and rose are the must-have lipstick colors for girls. They are the best colors to paint “thick lips”.